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Rodger J; Steel Z, 2016, Between Trauma and the Sacred The Cultural Shaping of Remitting-Relapsing Psychosis in Post-Conflict Timor-Leste, Springer

, 2012, Mental health and human rights: Vision, praxis, and courage, Dudley MJ; Silove DM; Gale F, (eds.), First, Oxford University Press, United Kingdom

Hunter JB; Steel Z; Pearson LM; Silove DM; San Roque M; Frommer N; Redman R, 2010, Tales of the Unexpected & Refugee Status Decision-Making: Managing and Understanding Psychological Issues Among Refugee Applicants, Faculty of Law and Psychiatry Research and Teaching Unit, University of New South Wales, Sydney

Silove DM; Steel ZP, 1998, The mental health and well-being of on-shore asylum seekers in Australia., Original, Psychiatry Research and Teaching Unit, Sydney

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