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Sha Z; Yang W; Wang C; Islam MS; Heng Yeoh G; Officer DL; Canning W; Zhang J; Wang CH, 2024, 'Enhancing oxidation resistance of carbon fibre reinforced phenolic composites by ZrO2 nanoparticles through out-of-autoclave vacuum infusion', Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 180,

Zhang M; Gong S; Hakobyan K; Gao Z; Shao Z; Peng S; Wu S; Hao X; Jiang Z; Wong EH; Liang K; Wang CH; Cheng W; Xu J, 2024, 'Biomimetic Electronic Skin through Hierarchical Polymer Structural Design', Advanced Science, 11,

He Y; Goay ACY; Yuen ACY; Mishra D; Zhou Y; Lu T; Wang D; Liu Y; Boyer C; Wang CH; Zhang J, 2024, 'Bulk Schottky Junctions-Based Flexible Triboelectric Nanogenerators to Power Backscatter Communications in Green 6G Networks', Advanced Science, 11,

Foroughi J; Ruhparwar A; Aloko S; Wang CH, 2024, 'Manufacturing Ulvan Biopolymer for Wound Dressings', Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, 309,

Yang W; Chang W; Zhang J; Heng Yeoh G; Boyer C; Wang CH, 2024, 'A novel strategy for high flame retardancy and structural strength of epoxy composites by functionalizing ammonium polyphosphate (APP) using an amine-based hardener', Composite Structures, 327,

Gao S; Li G; Wu S; Cheng TX; Sha Z; He S; Peng S; Wang CH, 2024, 'High-bandwidth self-powered vibration sensors based on triboelectric particle-surface interactions', Nano Energy, 119,

Qiao Y; Chang W; Cheng AJ; Wang J; Zhang H; Sha Z; He S; Zhang J; Peng S; Wang CH, 2023, 'Clapping triboelectric nanogenerators as self-powered, frequency-insensitive and gravity-independent vibration sensors', Nano Energy, 118,

Li Z; Gao W; Yu Wang M; Wang CH; Luo Z, 2023, 'Three-dimensional metamaterials exhibiting extreme isotropy and negative Poisson's ratio', International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 259,

Zhang YT; Lai SK; Wang CH, 2023, 'Experimental investigation of two- and three-dimensional graphene-based thermo-acoustic sound generating devices: Analysis of gap separation effect', Composites Part B: Engineering, 266,

Sha Z; Cheng X; Charles ADM; Zhou Y; Islam MS; Rider AN; Peng S; Lim M; Timchenko V; Wang CH, 2023, 'In-situ aligning magnetic nanoparticles in thermoplastic adhesives for contactless rapid joining of composite structures', Composite Structures, 321,

Sabahi N; Roohani I; Wang CH; Farajzadeh E; Li X, 2023, 'Thermoplastic polyurethane-based shape memory polymers with potential biomedical application: The effect of TPU soft-segment on shape memory effect and cytocompatibility', Polymer, 283,

Mirjalali S; Bagherzadeh R; Mahdavi Varposhti A; Asadnia M; Huang S; Chang W; Peng S; Wang CH; Wu S, 2023, 'Enhanced Piezoelectricity of PVDF-TrFE Nanofibers by Intercalating with Electrosprayed BaTiO3', ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 15, pp. 41806 - 41816,

Sha Z; Cheng X; Zhou Y; Rider AN; Charles ADM; Chang W; Peng S; Lim M; Timchenko V; Wang CH, 2023, 'Simultaneous improvement of heating efficiency and mechanical strength of a self-healing thermoplastic polymer by hybridizing magnetic particles with conductive fibres', Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 172,

Han S; Yang F; Meng Q; Li J; Sui G; Su X; Kuan HC; Wang CH; Ma J, 2023, 'Using renewable phosphate to decorate graphene nanoplatelets for flame-retarding, mechanically resilient epoxy nanocomposites', Progress in Organic Coatings, 182,

Truong TA; Nguyen TK; Huang X; Ashok A; Yadav S; Park Y; Thai MT; Nguyen NK; Fallahi H; Peng S; Dimitrijev S; Toh YC; Yamauchi Y; Wang CH; Lovell NH; Rogers JA; Do TN; Nguyen NT; Zhao H; Phan HP, 2023, 'Engineering Route for Stretchable, 3D Microarchitectures of Wide Bandgap Semiconductors for Biomedical Applications', Advanced Functional Materials, 33,

Nguyen CC; Teh T; Thai MT; Phan PT; Hoang TT; Davies J; Phan HP; Wang CH; Lovell NH; Nho Do T, 2023, 'A Handheld Hydraulic Soft Robotic Device with Bidirectional Bending End-Effector for Minimally Invasive Surgery', IEEE Transactions on Medical Robotics and Bionics, 5, pp. 590 - 601,

Tynan B; Zhou Y; Brown SA; Dai L; Rider AN; Wang CH, 2023, 'Structural supercapacitor electrodes for energy storage by electroless deposition of MnO2 on carbon nanotube mats', Composites Science and Technology, 238,

Cheng AJ; Wu L; Sha Z; Chang W; Chu D; Wang CH; Peng S, 2023, 'Recent Advances of Capacitive Sensors: Materials, Microstructure Designs, Applications, and Opportunities', Advanced Materials Technologies, 8,

Mokhtari F; Cheng Z; Wang CH; Foroughi J, 2023, 'Advances in Wearable Piezoelectric Sensors for Hazardous Workplace Environments', Global Challenges, 7,

Lin Q; Peng S; Wu Y; Liu J; Jia H; Hu W; Hassan M; Seneviratne A; Wang CH, 2023, 'Subject-Adaptive Loose-fitting Smart Garment Platform for Human Activity Recognition', ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks, 19,

Ravindran AR; Ladani RB; Wu S; Wang CH; Mouritz AP, 2023, 'Bioinspired design optimization for pseudo-ductility in platelet fibre laminates', Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 168,

Sha Z; Cheng X; Islam MS; Sangkarat P; Chang W; Brown SA; Wu S; Zhang J; Han Z; Peng S; Wang CH, 2023, 'Synergistically enhancing the electrical conductivity of carbon fibre reinforced polymers by vertical graphene and silver nanowires', Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 168,

Xu C; Chen S; Wang CH; Yang Y; Zhao L, 2023, 'Amplitude-robust metastructure with combined bistable and monostable mechanisms for simultaneously enhanced vibration suppression and energy harvesting', Applied Physics Letters,

Li G; Wu S; Sha Z; Zhao L; Chu D; Wang CH; Peng S, 2023, 'A triboelectric nanogenerator powered piezoresistive strain sensing technique insensitive to output variations', Nano Energy, 108,

Ashok A; Nguyen TK; Barton M; Leitch M; Masud MK; Park H; Truong TA; Kaneti YV; Ta HT; Li X; Liang K; Do TN; Wang CH; Nguyen NT; Yamauchi Y; Phan HP, 2023, 'Flexible Nanoarchitectonics for Biosensing and Physiological Monitoring Applications', Small, 19,

Yu Y; Peng S; Islam M; Wu S; Wang CH, 2023, 'Wearable Supercapacitive Temperature Sensors with High Accuracy Based on Ionically Conductive Organogel and Macro-Kirigami Electrode', Advanced Materials Technologies, 8,

Chen S; Wang CH; Zhao L, 2023, 'A two-degree-of-freedom aeroelastic energy harvesting system with coupled vortex-induced-vibration and wake galloping mechanisms', Applied Physics Letters, 122,

Zhang F; Guo L; Shi Y; Jin Z; Cheng Y; Zhang Z; Li C; Zhang Y; Wang CH; Feng W; Zheng Q, 2023, 'Structural engineering of graphite network for ultra-sensitive and durable strain sensors and strain-controlled switches', Chemical Engineering Journal, 452,

Wan Q; Zhai G; Wang C; Evans MJ; Medwell PR; Yuen ACY; Kook S; Yeoh GH; Chan QN, 2023, 'Parametric Study of Autoigniting Hydrogen-Methane Jets in Direct-Injection Engine Conditions', Energy and Fuels, 37, pp. 644 - 656,

Mirjalali S; Mahdavi Varposhti A; Abrishami S; Bagherzadeh R; Asadnia M; Huang S; Peng S; Wang CH; Wu S, 2023, 'A Review on Wearable Electrospun Polymeric Piezoelectric Sensors and Energy Harvesters', Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, 308,

Weymann A; Foroughi J; Vardanyan R; Punjabi PP; Schmack B; Aloko S; Spinks GM; Wang CH; Arjomandi Rad A; Ruhparwar A, 2023, 'Artificial Muscles and Soft Robotic Devices for Treatment of End-Stage Heart Failure', Advanced Materials,

Truong T; Nguyen TK; Huang X; Ashok A; Yadav S; Park Y; Thai MT; Nguyen N; Fallahi H; Peng S; Dimitrijev S; Toh Y; Yamauchi Y; Wang CH; Lovell NH; Rogers JA; Do TN; Nguyen N; Zhao H; Phan H, 2023, 'Engineering Route for Stretchable, 3D Microarchitectures of Wide Bandgap Semiconductors for Biomedical Applications (Adv. Funct. Mater. 34/2023)', Advanced Functional Materials, 33,

Islam M; Chang W; Sha Z; Wang J; Wu S; Rose LRF; Kinloch A; Wang C, 2023, 'Mitigating cryogenic microcracking in carbon-fibre reinforced polymer composites using negative thermal-expansion nanoparticles functionalized by a polydopamine coating', Composites Part B Engineering,

Yang W; Chang W; Zhang J; Yeoh GH; Boyer C; Wang CH, 2022, 'Effects of waste coffee grounds on the mechanical properties, flame retardancy and toxic gas production of epoxy composites', Materials and Design, 224,

Chang W; Francis Rose LR; Wu S; Kinloch AJ; Wang CH, 2022, 'Increasing crack growth resistance for through-thickness matrix cracking and its role in suppressing ply cracking in thin-ply laminates', Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 163,

Charles ADM; Rider AN; Brown SA; Wang CH, 2022, 'High aspect ratio galfenol flakes for high strain efficiency and sensing performance of magnetostrictive polymer composites', Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 10, pp. 16865 - 16877,

Nazir MT; Khalid A; Wang C; Akram S; Li Y; Wong KL; Yeoh GH, 2022, 'Fire and electrically resistive silicone elastomer/alumina trihydrate composites derived from nanoclay and chopped glass fibres for industrial fire safety', Process Safety and Environmental Protection, 167, pp. 257 - 261,

He Y; Wu S; Yuen ACY; Huang F; Boyer C; Wang CH; Zhang J, 2022, 'Scalable Manufacturing Process and Multifunctional Performance of Cotton Fibre-Reinforced Poly(Lactic Acid) (PLA) Bio-Composites Coated by Graphene Oxide', Polymers, 14,

Ravindran AR; Ladani RB; Wang CH; Mouritz AP, 2022, 'Design considerations in the strengthening of composite lap joints using metal z-pins', Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 160,

Lin B; Yuen ACY; Oliver S; Liu J; Yu B; Yang W; Wu S; Yeoh GH; Wang CH, 2022, 'Dual functionalisation of polyurethane foam for unprecedented flame retardancy and antibacterial properties using layer-by-layer assembly of MXene chitosan with antibacterial metal particles', Composites Part B: Engineering, 244,

Li G; Wu S; Sha Z; Zhou Y; Wang CH; Peng S, 2022, 'Dual-breakdown direct-current triboelectric nanogenerator with synergistically enhanced performance', Nano Energy, 99,

Huang F; Zhou Y; Sha Z; Peng S; Chang W; Cheng X; Zhang J; Brown SA; Han Z; Wang CH, 2022, 'Surface Functionalization of Electrodes and Synthesis of Dual-Phase Solid Electrolytes for Structural Supercapacitors', ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 14, pp. 30857 - 30871,

He Y; Wang H; Sha Z; Boyer C; Wang CH; Zhang J, 2022, 'Enhancing output performance of PVDF-HFP fiber-based nanogenerator by hybridizing silver nanowires and perovskite oxide nanocrystals', Nano Energy, 98,

Azhari F; Davids W; Chen H; Ringer SP; Wallbrink C; Sterjovski Z; Crawford BR; Agius D; Wang CH; Schaffer G, 2022, 'A Comparison of Statistically Equivalent and Realistic Microstructural Representative Volume Elements for Crystal Plasticity Models', Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation, 11, pp. 214 - 229,

Chen Y; Xu C; Wang CH; Bilek MMM; Cheng X, 2022, 'An effective method to optimise plasma immersion ion implantation: Sensitivity analysis and design based on low-density polyethylene', Plasma Processes and Polymers, 19,

Wahed SB; Dunstan CR; Boughton PA; Ruys AJ; Faisal SN; Wahed TB; Salahuddin B; Cheng X; Zhou Y; Wang CH; Islam MS; Aziz S, 2022, 'Functional Ultra‐High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Composites for Ligament Reconstructions and Their Targeted Applications in the Restoration of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament', Polymers, 14,

Mousavi S; Thai MT; Amjadi M; Howard D; Peng S; Do TN; Wang CH, 2022, 'Unidirectional, highly linear strain sensors with thickness-engineered conductive films for precision control of soft machines', Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 10, pp. 13673 - 13684,

Ravindran AR; Ladani RB; Wang CH; Mouritz AP, 2022, 'Hierarchical strengthening of carbon fibre composite T-joints using nanoparticles and Z-pins', Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 154,

Sha Z; Boyer C; Li G; Yu Y; Allioux FM; Kalantar-Zadeh K; Wang CH; Zhang J, 2022, 'Electrospun liquid metal/PVDF-HFP nanofiber membranes with exceptional triboelectric performance', Nano Energy, 92,

Dingley A; Anwar S; Kristiansen P; Warwick NWM; Wang CH; Sindel BM; Cazzonelli CI, 2022, 'Precision Pollination Strategies for Advancing Horticultural Tomato Crop Production', Agronomy, 12,

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