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Ravi S; Kolomenskiy D; Engels T; Schneider K; Wang C; Sesterhenn J; Liu H, 2016, Bumblebees minimize control challenges by combining active and passive modes in unsteady winds, ,

Yang W; Chang W; Zhang J; Yeoh GH; Boyer C; Wang CH, Effects of Waste Coffee Grounds on the Mechanical Properties, Flame Retardancy and Toxic Gas Production of Epoxy Composites, ,

Liu Q; Wu H; Paul MJ; He P; Peng Z; Gludovatz B; Kruzic JJ; Wang CH; Li X, Machine-Learning Assisted Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process Optimization for AlSi10mg: New Microstructure Description Indices and Fracture Mechanisms, ,

Huang F; Zhou Y; Sha Z; Peng S; Chang W; Cheng X; Zhang J; Brown SA; Han Z; Wang CH, Structrual Carbon Fiber Composite Supercapacitors with a Dual-Phase Solid Electrolyte, ,

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