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Lord S; Zanin D; Sukochev F, 2020, 'Advances in Dixmier traces and applications', in Advances in Noncommutative Geometry On the Occasion of Alain Connes' 70th Birthday, Springer Nature, pp. 491 - 593

Levitina G; Sukochev F, 2020, 'Quantised Calculus for Perturbed Massive Dirac Operator on Noncommutative Euclidean Space', in Spectral Theory and Mathematical Physics, Springer International Publishing, pp. 179 - 198,

Potapov D; Sukochev F; Vella D; Zanin D, 2019, 'A residue formula for locally compact noncommutative manifolds', in Positivity and Noncommutative Analysis, pp. 471 - 510,

Gesztesy F; Latushkin Y; Sukochev F; Tomilov Y, 2015, 'Some operator bounds employing complex interpolation revisited', in Arendt W; Chill R; Tomilov Y (ed.), Operator Semigroups Meet Complex Analysis, Harmonic Analysis and Mathematical Physics, Springer International Publishing, pp. 213 - 239,

Sukochev F, 2013, 'On a conjecture of A. Bikchentaev', in , American Mathematical Society, pp. 327 - 339,

Sukochev F; Benameur MT; Carey AL; Phillips J; Rennie A; Wojciechowski KP, 2006, 'Analytic formulae for Spectral Flow in von Neumann algebras', in Booss Bavnbek B; Klimek S; Lesch M; Zhang W (ed.), Analysis, Geometry and topology of elliptic operators, edn. Original, World Scientific, Singapore

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