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McDonald E; Sukochev F; Xiong X, 2023, 'Quantum differentiability – the analytical perspective', in Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics, pp. 257,

Carey A; Gesztesy F; Levitina G; Sukochev F, 2016, 'The spectral shift function and the witten index', in Operator Theory: Advances and Applications, pp. 71 - 105,

Carey AL; Phillips J; Rennie A; Sukochev FA, 2013, 'The Local Index Formula in Noncommutative Geometry Revisited', in Noncommutative Geometry and Physics 3, WORLD SCIENTIFIC, presented at Proceedings of the Noncommutative Geometry and Physics 2008, on K-Theory and D-Branes & Proceedings of the RIMS Thematic Year 2010 on Perspectives in Deformation Quantization and Noncommutative Geometry,

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