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Nguyen BH; Dang TTH; Hoang DT; Do TT; Dinh LV; Nguyen VN; Vu DH; Drabarek D; Nguyen TNB; Vu D; Nguyen TA; Marks GB; Negin J; Fox GJ; Bernays S; Yapa HM, 2024, An mHealth technology to strengthen adverse event management of Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis in Vietnam: Protocol for a process evaluation of the V-SMART trial, ,

Hansun S; Argha A; Liaw S-T; Celler BG; Marks GB, 2022, Machine and Deep Learning for Tuberculosis Detection on Chest X-Rays: Systematic Literature Review (Preprint), ,

Kik S; Gelaw S; Ruhwald M; Song R; Khan FA; van Hest R; Chihota V; Nhung NV; Esmail A; Celina Garfin AM; Marks G; Gorbacheva O; Akkerman O; Moropane K; Ngoc Anh LT; Dheda K; Fox G; Marano N; Lönnroth K; Cobelens F; Benedetti A; Dewan P; Ongarello S; Denkinger C, 2022, Diagnostic accuracy of chest X-ray interpretation for tuberculosis by three artificial intelligence-based software in a screening use-case: an individual patient meta-analysis of global data, ,

Emery J; Dodd P; Banu S; Frascella B; Garden F; Horton K; Hossain S; Law I; van Leth F; Marks G; Nguyen HB; Nguyen HV; Onozaki I; Quelapio MI; Richards A; Shaikh N; Tiemersma E; White R; Zaman K; Cobelens F; Houben RMGJ, 2022, Estimating the contribution of subclinical tuberculosis disease to transmission – an individual patient data analysis from prevalence surveys, ,

van Boven JFM; Lucas S; Parker G; Kaplan A; Trofor A; Bonevski B; Kirenga B; Ryan D; Pizzichini E; van Ganse E; Huang EW-C; Brakema E; Gould G; Kocks J; Alison J; Quint J; Soriano J; Hurst J; Siddiqi K; Boydell K; Miravitlles M; Flores-Valdez MA; Kasteleyn M; FitzGerald M; Boeckmann M; Chaiton M; Rodriguez MR; Kulkarni M; Roche N; Chavannes N; Papadopoulos N; Behrakis P; Dennis S; Bassi S; Williams S; Maher T; Siddharthan T; Kamath V; Verhamme KMC, 2021, Towards Optimum Reporting of Pulmonary Effectiveness Databases and Outcomes (TORPEDO): identifying a core dataset for asthma and COPD studies, ,

Lung T; Marks GB; Nhung NV; Anh NT; Hoa NLP; Anh LTN; Hoa NB; Britton WJ; Bestrashniy J; Jan S; Fox GJ, Cost-Effectiveness of Household Contact Investigation for the Detection of Tuberculosis in Vietnam: A Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial, ,

Maggi F; Tang FHM; Black AJ; Marks GB; McBratney A, The Global Burden of Exposure to Pesticide Mixtures, ,

My DNT; Van LT; Linh THK; Tuyen NP; Phuong NT; Thu Anh N; Lan NPH; Ngoc NTB; Fisher MC; Rhodes J; Marks GB; Fox GJ; Chen SC-A; Walsh MG; Barrs VR; Talbot J; Halliday CL; Sorrell TC; Day JN; Beardsley J, Unprecedented Prevalence of Azole-Resistant <i>Aspergillus fumigatus</i> Identified in the Environment of Vietnam, with Marked Variability by Land Use Type, ,

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