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Pheng P; Meyer L; Ségéral O; Chea P; Yi S; Tuot S; Kaldor JM; Saphonn V, 2022, 'Hepatitis C seroprevalence among people living with HIV/AIDS and pregnant women in four provinces in Cambodia: an integrated bio-behavioral survey', BMC Infectious Diseases, vol. 22,

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Shimelis T; Vaz Nery S; Tadesse BT; Bartlett AW; Belay FW; Schierhout G; Dittrich S; Crump JA; Kaldor JM, 2022, 'Clinical management and outcomes of acute febrile illness in children attending a tertiary hospital in southern Ethiopia', BMC infectious diseases, vol. 22, pp. 434,

Thean LJ; Romani L; Engelman D; Wand H; Jenney A; Mani J; Paka J; Cua T; Taole S; Silai M; Ashwini K; Sahukhan A; Kama M; Tuicakau M; Kado J; Parnaby M; Carvalho N; Whitfeld M; Kaldor J; Steer AC, 2022, 'Prevention of bacterial complications of scabies using mass drug administration: A population-based, before-after trial in Fiji, 2018–2020', The Lancet Regional Health - Western Pacific, vol. 22,

Medland NA; Zhang Y; Gunaratnam P; Lewis DA; Donovan B; Whiley DM; Guy RJ; Kaldor JM, 2022, 'Surveillance systems to monitor antimicrobial resistance in Neisseria gonorrhoeae: a global, systematic review, 1 January 2012 to 27 September 2020', Euro surveillance : bulletin Europeen sur les maladies transmissibles = European communicable disease bulletin, vol. 27,

Mashuri YA; Wulandari LPL; Khan M; Ferdiana A; Probandari A; Wibawa T; Batura N; Liverani M; Day R; Jan S; Schierhout G; Wahyono D; Yulianto ; Kaldor J; Guy R; Law M; Yeung S; Wiseman V, 2022, 'The response to COVID-19 among drug retail outlets in Indonesia: A cross-sectional survey of knowledge, attitudes, and practices', The Lancet Regional Health - Western Pacific, vol. 22, pp. 100420,

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Lynch KD; Apadinuwe SC; Lambert SB; Hillgrove T; Starr M; Catlett B; Ware RS; Cama A; Webster S; Harding-Esch EM; Bakhtiari A; Butcher R; Cunningham P; Martin D; Gwyn S; Solomon AW; Garabwan C; Kaldor JM; Nery SV, 2022, 'A national survey integrating clinical, laboratory, and WASH data to determine the typology of trachoma in Nauru', PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, vol. 16, pp. e0010275,

Lynch KD; Brian G; Ahwang T; Newie T; Newie V; Perrett C; Wharton G; Brown A; Tozer S; Kaldor JM; Whop LJ; Andrews RM; Lambert SB, 2022, 'Discord between presence of follicular conjunctivitis and Chlamydia trachomatis infection in a single Torres Strait Island community: a cross-sectional survey', Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, vol. 46, pp. 155 - 160,

Zhang Y; Wiseman V; Applegate TL; Bavinton BR; Grulich AE; Kaldor JM; Guy RJ, 2022, 'Preferences for HIV testing services and HIV self-testing distribution among migrant gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men in Australia', Frontiers in Medicine, section Infectious Diseases: Surveillance, Prevention and Treatment.

Rainima-Qaniuci M; Lepaitai HB; Bhagirov R; Padmasiri E; Naseri T; Thomsen R; Won KY; Brant TA; Dodd E; Nua MT; Utu F; Tufa A; Chutaro E; Camacho J; Suiaunoa-Scanlan L; Thean LJ; Mani J; Hardy M; Samuela J; Romani L; Kaldor J; Steer AC; Faktaufon D; Bechu V; Naqio F; Sosene V; Sekihara M; Otaki J; Buhagiar TS; Yajima A, 2022, 'The Importance of Partnership in the Rollout of Triple-Drug Therapy to Eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis in the Pacific.', Am J Trop Med Hyg,

Shilling HS; Garland SM; Costa AM; Marceglia A; Fethers K; Danielewski J; Murray G; Bradshaw C; Vodstrcil L; Hocking JS; Kaldor J; Guy R; MacHalek DA, 2022, 'Chlamydia trachomatis and Mycoplasma genitalium prevalence and associated factors among women presenting to a pregnancy termination and contraception clinic, 2009-2019', Sexually Transmitted Infections, vol. 98, pp. 115 - 120,

Mitchell E; Kelly-Hanku A; Krentel A; Romani L; Robinson LJ; Nery SV; Kaldor J; Steer AC; Bell S, 2022, 'Community perceptions and acceptability of mass drug administration for the control of neglected tropical diseases in Asia-Pacific countries: A systematic scoping review of qualitative research', PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, vol. 16, pp. e0010215,

Vogt F; Haire B; Selvey L; Katelaris AL; Kaldor J, 2022, 'Effectiveness evaluation of digital contact tracing for COVID-19 in New South Wales, Australia', The Lancet Public Health, vol. 7, pp. e250 - e258,

Vette KM; Machalek DA; Gidding HF; Nicholson S; O'Sullivan MVN; Carlin JB; Downes M; Armstrong L; Beard FH; Dwyer DE; Gibb R; Gosbell IB; Hendry AJ; Higgins G; Hirani R; Hueston L; Irving DO; Quinn HE; Shilling H; Smith D; Kaldor JM; Macartney K, 2022, 'Seroprevalence of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2-Specific Antibodies in Australia after the First Epidemic Wave in 2020: A National Survey', Open Forum Infectious Diseases, vol. 9, pp. ofac002,

Diep TNN; Simms KT; Keane A; Mola G; Bolnga JW; Kuk J; Toliman PJ; Badman SG; Saville M; Kaldor J; Vallely A; Canfell K, 2022, 'Towards the elimination of cervical cancer in low-income and lower-middle-income countries: modelled evaluation of the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of point-of-care HPV self-collected screening and treatment in Papua New Guinea', BMJ GLOBAL HEALTH, vol. 7,

MacHalek D; Rees H; Chikandiwa A; Munthali R; Travill D; Mbulawa Z; Petoumenos K; Delany-Moretlwe S; Kaldor J, 2022, 'Impact of one and two human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine doses on community-level HPV prevalence in South African adolescent girls: Study protocol and rationale for a pragmatic before-after design', BMJ Open, vol. 12, pp. e059968,

Marshall HS; Andraweera PH; Ward J; Kaldor J; Andrews R; Macartney K; Richmond P; Krause V; Koehler A; Whiley D; Giles L; Webby R; D’antoine H; Karnon J; Baird R; Lawrence A; Petousis-Harris H; Wals PD; Greenwood-Smith B; Binks M; Whop L, 2022, 'An Observational Study to Assess the Effectiveness of 4CMenB against Meningococcal Disease and Carriage and Gonorrhea in Adolescents in the Northern Territory, Australia—Study Protocol', Vaccines, vol. 10,

Vogt F; Kurup KK; Mussleman P; Habrun C; Crowe M; Woodward A; Jaramillo-Gutierrez G; Kaldor J; Vong S; Vilas VDR, 2022, 'Contact tracing indicators for COVID-19: Rapid scoping review and conceptual framework', PLoS ONE, vol. 17,

Mow M; Thean LJ; Parnaby M; Mani J; Rafai E; Sahukhan A; Kama M; Tuicakau M; Kado J; Romani L; Engelman D; Whitfeld M; Kaldor J; Steer A; Carvalho N, 2022, 'Costs of mass drug administration for scabies in Fiji', PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, vol. 16, pp. e0010147,

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Talukder MR; Pham H; Woodman R; Wilson K; Taylor K; Kaldor J; Einsiedel L, 2022, 'The Association between Diabetes and Human T-Cell Leukaemia Virus Type-1 (HTLV-1) with Strongyloides stercoralis: Results of a Community-Based, Cross-Sectional Survey in Central Australia', International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, vol. 19,

Lake SJ; Kaldor JM; Hardy M; Engelman D; Steer AC; Romani L, 2022, 'Mass Drug Administration for the Control of Scabies: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis', CLINICAL INFECTIOUS DISEASES,

Widyanthini DN; Januraga PP; Wisaksana R; Subronto YW; Sukmaningrum E; Kusmayanti NA; Dewi H; Law M; Kaldor JM; Wirawan DN, 2022, 'HIV self-testing for men who have sex with men: an implementation trial in Indonesia', AIDS Care - Psychological and Socio-Medical Aspects of AIDS/HIV, vol. 34, pp. 527 - 534,

Hocking JS; Wood A; Temple-Smith M; Braat S; Law M; Bulfone L; Jones C; van Driel M; Fairley CK; Donovan B; Guy R; Low N; Kaldor J; Gunn J, 2022, 'The impact of removing financial incentives and/or audit and feedback on chlamydia testing in general practice: A cluster randomised controlled trial (ACCEPt-able)', PLoS Medicine, vol. 19, pp. e1003858,

Williams J; Gilbert G; Dawson A; Kaldor J; Hendrickx D; Haire B, 2022, 'Uncertainty and agency in COVID-19 hotel quarantine in Australia.', SSM Qual Res Health, vol. 2, pp. 100034,

Mitchell E; Hakim A; Nosi S; Kupul M; Boli-Neo R; Aeno H; Redman-Maclaren M; Ase S; Amos A; Hou P; Narokobi R; Willie B; Vallely AJ; Kaldor JM; Badman SG; Kelly-Hanku A, 2021, 'A socio-ecological analysis of factors influencing HIV treatment initiation and adherence among key populations in Papua New Guinea', BMC Public Health, vol. 21,

Tsoi SK; Lake SJ; Thean LJ; Matthews A; Sokana O; Kama M; Amaral S; Romani L; Whitfeld M; Francis JR; Vaz Nery S; Marks M; Kaldor JM; Steer AC; Engelman D, 2021, 'Estimation of scabies prevalence using simplified criteria and mapping procedures in three Pacific and southeast Asian countries', BMC Public Health, vol. 21,

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Einsiedel L; Pham H; Talukder MR; Taylor K; Wilson K; Kaldor J; Gessain A; Woodman R, 2021, 'Very high prevalence of infection with the human T cell leukaemia virus type 1c in remote Australian Aboriginal communities: Results of a large cross-sectional community survey', PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, vol. 15, pp. e0009915,

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Haire B; Murphy D; Maher L; Zablotska-Manos I; Vaccher S; Kaldor J, 2021, 'What does PrEP mean for 'safe sex' norms? A qualitative study', PLoS ONE, vol. 16, pp. e0255731,

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