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Lydeamore M; Campbell PT; Regan DG; Tong SYC; Andrews R; Steer AC; Romani L; Kaldor JM; McVernon J; McCaw JM, 2016, A biological model of scabies infection dynamics and treatment explains why mass drug administration does not lead to elimination

Vogt F; Kurup K; Mussleman P; Habrun C; Crowe M; Woodward A; Jaramillo-Gutierrez G; Kaldor J; Vong S; Del Rio Vilas VJ, Contact tracing indicators for COVID-19: rapid scoping review and conceptual framework,

Marks M; Gwyn S; Toloka H; Kositz C; Asugeni J; Asugeni R; Diau J; Kaldor JM; Romani L; Redman-MacLaren M; MacLaren D; Solomon AW; Mabey DCW; Steer AC; Martin D, Impact of community treatment with ivermectin for the control of scabies on the prevalence of antibodies to Strongyloides stercoralis in children,

Duan Q; Carmody C; Donovan B; Guy RJ; Hui BB; Kaldor JM; Lahra MM; Law MG; Lewis DA; Maley M; McGregor S; McNulty A; Selvey C; Templeton DJ; Whiley DM; Regan DG; Wood JG, Modelling outbreak response strategies for preventing spread of emergent Neisseria gonorrhoeae strains in men who have sex with men in Australia,

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