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Kumru CS; Piggott J; Thanopoulos AC, A Note on Resource Testing and Temptation, ,

Orszag JM; Piggott J, Actuarial Economics, ,

Bateman H; Piggott J, Civil Services and Military Retirement Income Provision in Australia, ,

Mitchell OS; Piggott J; Shimizutani S, Developments in Long-Term Care Insurance in Japan, ,

Kudrna G; Piggott J; Poonpolkul P, Extending pension policy in emerging Asia: An overlapping-generations model analysis for Indonesia, ,

Mitchell OS; Piggott J; Sherris M; Yow S, Financial Innovation for an Aging World, ,

Orszag JM; Piggott J; Jin HH; Gupta V, How Do Australian Superannuation Trustees Perceive Their Role and Effectiveness?, ,

Hernæs E; Piggott J; Vestad OL; Zhang T, Labour Mobility, Pension Portability and the Lack of Lock-In Effects, ,

Chomik R; Piggott J; Kumru CS, Means Testing Social Security: Modeling and Policy Analysis, ,

Kumru CS; Piggott J, Optimal Capital Income Taxation with Means-Tested Benefits, ,

Hernæs E; Markussen S; Piggott J; Røed K, Pension Reform and Labor Supply: Flexibility vs. Prescription, ,

Fong JHY; Piggott J; Sherris M, Public Sector Pension Funds in Australia: Longevity Selection and Liabilities, ,

Wang L; Valdez E; Piggott J, Securitization of Longevity Risk in Reverse Mortgages, ,

Kumru CS; Piggott J, Should Public Retirement Provision Be Means-Tested?, ,

Jin HH; Piggott J; Mitchell OS, Socially Responsible Investment in Japanese Pensions, ,

Iwaisako T; Mitchell OS; Piggott J, Strategic Asset Allocation in Japan: An Empirical Evaluation, ,

Chomik R; Piggott J, The Australian and United States Retirement Income System: Comparisons with and Lessons for the United States, ,

Hernæs E; Piggott J; Zhang T; Strom S, The Determinants of Occupational Pensions, ,

Hernæs E; Markussen S; Piggott J; Røed K, The Impact of Pension Reform on Employment, Retirement and Disability Insurance Claims, ,

Bateman H; Piggott J, Too Much Risk to Insure? The Australian (Non-) Market for Annuities, ,

Mitchell OS; Piggott J, Turning Wealth into Lifetime Income: The Challenge Ahead, ,

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