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Working Papers

Chomik R; Piggott J; Woodland A; Kudrna GJ; Cagri K, 2015, Means Testing Social Security: Modelling and Policy Analysis, CEPAR/UNSW, 35,,

Kumru C; Piggott J, 2009, Should Public Retirement Be Means-tested?, Oxford Economic Papers,

Piggott JR; Sane R, 2008, Does the Owner-Occupied Exemption from the pension means test affect housing choice? Evidence from Australia, CHERE, UTS,

Piggott JR; Robalino D; Jimenez-Martin S, 2008, Incentive Effects of Retirement Income Transfers, CHERE, UTS,

Hernas E; Piggott JR; Zhang T; Strom S, 2008, The Determinants of Occupational Pensions, CHERE, UTS,

Fong J; Piggott J; Sherris M, Public Sector Pension Funds in Australia: Longevity Selection and Liabilities, 201217,

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