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Stenzel M; Zhao J, 2015, 'Worm-Like Micelles and Vesicles: Adjusting the Morphology of Self-Assembled Fructose Based Block Copolymers by Fine-Tuning the Processing Parameters', in Matyjaszewski K; Sumerlin BS; Tsarevsky NV; Chiefari J (ed.), Controlled Radical Polymerization: Materials, edn. ACS Symposium Series, AMER CHEMICAL SOC, San Francisco, CA, pp. 91 - 105,

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Hernandez Guerrero M; Stenzel M, 2009, 'Honeycomb Structured Porous Films via Breath Figures: A Bottom-up Approach to Porous Films with Highly Regular Hexagonal Array', in Mailik A; Rawat RJ (ed.), New Nanotechniques, edn. 1st copyright 2009, Nova Science Publishers Inc., New York USA, pp. 163 - 221,

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Davis TP; Barner-Kowollik CW; Stenzel M; Quinn J; Vana PJ, 2003, 'Influences of the Structural Design of RAFT Agents on Living Radical Polymerization Kinetics', in Matyjaszewski K (ed.), Advances in Controlled/Living Radical Polymerization, American Chemical Society, USA, pp. 551 - 569

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