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Yao S; Sadeghimanesh A; England M, 2024, Designing Machine Learning Tools to Characterize Multistationarity of Fully Open Reaction Networks, ,

Barket R; England M; Gerhard J, 2024, The Liouville Generator for Producing Integrable Expressions, ,

Sohail T; Gayen B; Klocker A; li Q; England MH, 2024, Future decline of Antarctic Circumpolar Current due to polar ocean freshening, ,

Florescu D; England M, 2024, Constrained Neural Networks for Interpretable Heuristic Creation to Optimise Computer Algebra Systems, ,

Barket R; England M; Gerhard J, 2024, Symbolic Integration Algorithm Selection with Machine Learning: LSTMs vs Tree LSTMs, ,

Río TD; England M, 2024, Lessons on Datasets and Paradigms in Machine Learning for Symbolic Computation: A Case Study on CAD, ,

Davenport JH; England M; McCallum S; Uncu AK, 2023, Iterated Resultants and Rational Functions in Real Quantifier Elimination, ,

Loriani S; Aksenov Y; Armstrong McKay D; Bala G; Born A; Chiessi CM; Dijkstra H; Donges JF; Drijfhout S; England MH; Fedorov AV; Jackson L; Kornhuber K; Messori G; Pausata F; Rynders S; Salée J-B; Sinha B; Sherwood S; Swingedouw D; Tharammal T, 2023, Tipping points in ocean and atmosphere circulations, ,

Neme J; England MH; Hogg AM; Khatri H; Griffies SM, 2023, The role of bottom friction in mediating the response of the Weddell Gyre circulation to changes in surface stress and buoyancy fluxes, ,

Davenport JH; England M, 2023, Iterated Resultants in CAD, ,

Uncu AK; Davenport JH; England M, 2023, SMT-Solving Induction Proofs of Inequalities, ,

Rio TD; England M, 2023, Data Augmentation for Mathematical Objects, ,

Barket R; England M; Gerhard J, 2023, Generating Elementary Integrable Expressions, ,

Pickering L; Almajano TDR; England M; Cohen K, 2023, Explainable AI Insights for Symbolic Computation: A case study on selecting the variable ordering for cylindrical algebraic decomposition, ,

Ong EQY; Doddridge E; Constantinou NC; Hogg AM; England MH, 2023, Intrinsically episodic Antarctic shelf intrusions of circumpolar deep water via canyons, ,

Swart N; Martin T; Beadling R; Chen J-J; England MH; Farneti R; Griffies SM; Hatterman T; Haumann FA; Li Q; Marshall J; Muilwijk M; Pauling AG; Purich A; Smith IJ; Thomas M, 2023, The Southern Ocean Freshwater release model experiments Initiative (SOFIA): Scientific objectives and experimental design, ,

Menviel LC; Spence P; Kiss AE; Chamberlain MA; Hayashida H; England MH; Waugh D, 2023, Enhanced Southern Ocean CO2 outgassing as a result of stronger and poleward shifted southern hemispheric westerlies, ,

Schmidt C; Morrison AK; England MH, 2023, Wind- and sea-ice-driven interannual variability of Antarctic Bottom Water formation, ,

Morrison AK; England MH; Hogg AM; Kiss AE, 2023, Weddell Sea control of ocean temperature variability on the western Antarctic Peninsula, ,

Nalbach J; Ábrahám E; Specht P; Brown CW; Davenport JH; England M, 2022, Levelwise construction of a single cylindrical algebraic cell, ,

England M, 2022, SC-Square: Future Progress with Machine Learning?, ,

England M, 2022, SC-Square: Overview to 2021, ,

Schurer AP; Hegerl GC; Goosse H; Bollasina MA; England MH; Mineter MJ; Smith DM; Tett SFB, 2022, Quantifying the contribution of forcing and three prominent modes of variability on historical climate, ,

Río TD; England M, 2022, New heuristic to choose a cylindrical algebraic decomposition variable ordering motivated by complexity analysis, ,

Neme J; England MH; Hogg AM, 2022, Projected changes of surface winds over the Antarctic continental margin, ,

Sadeghimanesh A; England M, 2022, Resultant Tools for Parametric Polynomial Systems with Application to Population Models, ,

Grawemeyer B; Halloran J; England M; Croft D, 2022, Feedback and Engagement on an Introductory Programming Module, ,

Neme J; England MH; Hogg AM, 2021, Seasonal and interannual variability of the Weddell Gyre from a high-resolution global ocean-sea ice simulation during 1958 - 2018, ,

Menviel L; Waugh DW; Spence P; Chamberlain M; Lago V; Li Z; England MH, 2021, Natural carbon release compensates for anthropogenic carbon uptake when Southern Hemispheric westerlies strengthen, ,

Abraham E; Davenport JH; England M; Kremer G, 2021, Proving UNSAT in SMT: The Case of Quantifier Free Non-Linear Real Arithmetic, ,

Bradford R; Davenport JH; England M; Sadeghimanesh A; Uncu A, 2021, The DEWCAD Project: Pushing Back the Doubly Exponential Wall of Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition, ,

Florescu D; England M, 2020, A machine learning based software pipeline to pick the variable ordering for algorithms with polynomial inputs, ,

brahám EÁ; Davenport J; England M; Kremer G; Tonks Z, 2020, New Opportunities for the Formal Proof of Computational Real Geometry?, ,

Sadeghimanesh A; England M, 2020, Polynomial Superlevel Set Representation of the Multistationarity Region of Chemical Reaction Networks, ,

Ábrahám E; Davenport JH; England M; Kremer G, 2020, Deciding the Consistency of Non-Linear Real Arithmetic Constraints with a Conflict Driven Search Using Cylindrical Algebraic Coverings, ,

Florescu D; England M, 2019, Improved cross-validation for classifiers that make algorithmic choices to minimise runtime without compromising output correctness, ,

Croft D; England M, 2019, Computing with CodeRunner at Coventry University: Automated summative assessment of Python and C++ code, ,

Billings S; England M, 2019, First Year Computer Science Projects at Coventry University: Activity-led integrative team projects with continuous assessment, ,

Florescu D; England M, 2019, Algorithmically generating new algebraic features of polynomial systems for machine learning, ,

Kiss AE; Hogg AM; Hannah N; Boeira Dias F; Brassington GB; Chamberlain MA; Chapman C; Dobrohotoff P; Domingues CM; Duran ER; England MH; Fiedler R; Griffies SM; Heerdegen A; Heil P; Holmes RM; Klocker A; Marsland SJ; Morrison AK; Munroe J; Oke PR; Nikurashin M; Pilo GS; Richet O; Savita A; Spence P; Stewart KD; Ward ML; Wu F; Zhang X, 2019, ACCESS-OM2: A Global Ocean-Sea Ice Model at Three Resolutions, ,

England M; Florescu D, 2019, Comparing machine learning models to choose the variable ordering for cylindrical algebraic decomposition, ,

England M; Bradford R; Davenport JH, 2019, Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition with Equational Constraints, ,

Bradford R; Davenport JH; England M; Errami H; Gerdt V; Grigoriev D; Hoyt C; Kosta M; Radulescu O; Sturm T; Weber A, 2019, Identifying the Parametric Occurrence of Multiple Steady States for some Biological Networks, ,

Deshpande S; Shuttleworth J; Yang J; Taramonli S; England M, 2019, PLIT: An alignment-free computational tool for identification of long non-coding RNAs in plant transcriptomic datasets, ,

Croft D; England M, 2018, Computing with Codio at Coventry University: Online virtual Linux boxes and automated formative feedback, ,

Alayba AM; Palade V; England M; Iqbal R, 2018, A Combined CNN and LSTM Model for Arabic Sentiment Analysis, ,

England M, 2018, Machine Learning for Mathematical Software, ,

Mulligan C; Bradford R; Davenport JH; England M; Tonks Z, 2018, Non-linear Real Arithmetic Benchmarks derived from Automated Reasoning in Economics, ,

Mulligan C; Davenport JH; England M, 2018, TheoryGuru: A Mathematica Package to apply Quantifier Elimination, ,

Cowen-Rivers AI; England M, 2018, Towards Incremental Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition in Maple, ,

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