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Kiss AE; Hogg AM; Hannah N; Boeira Dias F; Brassington GB; Chamberlain MA; Chapman C; Dobrohotoff P; Domingues CM; Duran ER; England MH; Fiedler R; Griffies SM; Heerdegen A; Heil P; Holmes RM; Klocker A; Marsland SJ; Morrison AK; Munroe J; Oke PR; Nikurashin M; Pilo GS; Richet O; Savita A; Spence P; Stewart KD; Ward ML; Wu F; Zhang X, ACCESS-OM2: A Global Ocean-Sea Ice Model at Three Resolutions,

Naughten KA; Meissner KJ; Galton-Fenzi BK; England MH; Timmermann R; Hellmer HH; Hattermann T; Debernard JB, Intercomparison of Antarctic ice shelf, ocean, and sea ice interactions simulated by two models,

Menviel L; Waugh DW; Spence P; Chamberlain M; Lago V; Li Z; England MH, Natural carbon release compensates for anthropogenic carbon uptake when Southern Hemispheric westerlies strengthen,

Neme J; England MH; Hogg AM, Projected changes of surface winds over the Antarctic continental margin,

Neme J; England MH; Hogg AM, Seasonal and interannual variability of the Weddell Gyre from a high-resolution global ocean-sea ice simulation during 1958 - 2018,

Treguier AM; England M; Rintoul SR; Madec G; Le Sommer J; Molines J-M, Southern Ocean overturning across streamlines in an eddying simulation of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current,

Sijp WP; England MH, The effect of low ancient greenhouse climate temperature gradients on the ocean's overturning circulation,

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