Select Publications


England M; Steffen W; Karoly D, 2012, The science behind southeast Australia's wet, cool summer, Climate Commission, Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Commonwealth of Australia

England M; Raupach M; Lambeck K; Fairley-Grenot K; Finnigan J; Krull E; Langford J; Lovegrove K; Wright J; Young M, 2010, Challenges at Energy-Water Carbon intersections, Prime Minister's Science, Engineering and Innovation Council, Canberra, Australia

England M; Allison I; Bird M; Church J; Enting I; Karoly D; Raupach M; Palutikof J; Sherwood S, 2010, The Science of Climate Change: Questions and Answers, Australian Academy of Science, Canberra,

England M, 1999, Geochemical tracer modelling in ocean simulations: status, limitations, and future perspectives, Report of the WOCE-AIMS Tracer Workshop,, WOCE Report 167/99

England M, 1999, Southern Ocean modelling for Climate Studies, Report of the WOCE/CLIVAR Workshop on Ocean Modelling for Climate Studies, WOCE Report No. 165/99

England M, 1999, Two-way model-data interaction, Report of the WOCE/AIMS Tracer Workshop, WOCE Report No. 167/99

Rahmstorf S; England MH, 1997, On the influence of Southern Hemisphere winds on North Atlantic Deep Water flow

England M, 1991, Changes in Pacific Ocean sea level related to variations in North Atlantic Deep Water formation, Sydney University, Report of the Ninth Meeting of the Committee of Climate Changes and the Ocean (CCCO); Pacific Ocean Climate Studies Panel, (Ed: D. Halpern), Annex IV, 4-5.

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