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Von K; Ritter C; Bryant RA, 2012, Akute belastungsstõrung: ein therapiemanual., Original, Hogrefe

Bryant RA; Vasterling ; Keane TM, (eds.), 2012, PTSD and mild traumatic brain injury, Original, Guilford Publications, New York

Bryant RA; Harvey AG, 2000, Acute stress disorder: A handbook of theory, assessment, and treatment, Original, American Psychological Association, Washington, DC

Raphael B; Newman L; Silove DM; Bryant RA; Boman B; Sprague T; Hughson G; Fritchley R; Pansetis P, 2000, Disaster Mental Health Response Handbook and Training Materials. An educatioal resource for mental health professisonals involved in disaster management in NSW. NSW Health Department, Original, NSW Health Department, Sydney

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