Seeing is believing: Microscopy-capable single-molecule bioelectronics

This project aims to create new biophysical tools for single-molecule sensing by advancing the state-of-the-art in nanoscale bioelectronic devices. The goal is to generate novel bioelectronic devices optimised for fabrication on microscope coverslip (170 micron glass) for compatibility with new low-cost platforms for advanced biological microscopy. Expected outcomes include the first demonstration of nanoscale transistors that are a) interfaced to constrained area lipid bilayers for studying membrane proteins at single-molecule level and b) used for electrostatically detecting motile microtubules in in vitro molecular motor assays for applications such as biocomputation. The intended benefit is innovation in capabilities and manufacturing of bioelectronics.

We are recruiting Ph.D. students to this project, see flyer for details.

Project collaborators: External

Prof. Hiroyuki Noji
University of Tokyo, Japan
Prof. Paul Meredith
Swansea University, Wales
Dr Natalie Plank
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Prof. Heiner Linke
Lund University, Sweden
Prof. Stefan Diez
Technical University Dresden, Germany

Key contact