Requirements after Approval

Modifications - How do I make changes to my project?

Guidelines on the modifications process.

Director of Animal Care and Animal Welfare Officer

UNSW Sydney upholds the ethical and moral issues involved with the use of animals in research for scientific advancement where researchers acknowledge the responsibilities with the care and wellbeing of research animals.

The primary role of the Director of Animal Care and Animal Welfare Officer is to facilitate animal-based research at UNSW through training and education and to ensure compliance with the NHMRC Australian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes 8th Edition (2013).

This includes:

  • Veterinary Support
  • Surgical and other animal based research procedures support
  • Post-mortem examinations and assistance with preparation of Adverse/Unexpected Events report
  • Provide assistance with the submission of Animal Ethics application
  • Provide animal handling training through the Animal Ethics and Care course
  • Provide animal-based procedures training
  • Perform any activities requested by the ACEC including inspecting experimental procedures, monitoring animals, and supervising researchers


Animal ethics annual/final reports

As the Chief Investigator of a UNSW Animal Care and Ethics Committee (ACEC) approved project, you are required to complete and submit a separate online monitoring form for each of your projects for the reporting period, 1 January to 31 December.
Your monitoring forms are to be submitted no later than 1 February each year for the activities of the previous year.  Your submission of these forms is a mandatory legislative requirement, as each year the ACECs are required to monitor projects that use animals in research and teaching. Approval of your projects will be suspended should you fail to submit this compliance form.
You may delegate authority to the second Chief Investigator to complete the form on your behalf.

To complete the online monitoring form:

1. Access the Animal Usage and Annual Compliance form by logging on to Animal Ethics Online:

  • Internal staff - use your staff number (with a prefix "s" or "z") and UniPass.
  • External staff - use your previously assigned login.

2. Under the Animal Ethics Application section, go to the "Animal Usage and Annual Compliance Form" subsection;

3. Click on the required project;

4. Select CREATE under Action column to bring up a new monitoring form for the required project.

5. You can SAVE and EXIT to complete the form at a later time, or once the form is complete and you are ready to submit, click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form.
Important notes:
• Mandatory questions are indicated with an asterisk.
• If no animals were used during the reporting period, completion of the form is still required.
• You are recommended to SAVE your form regularly to avoid loss of data.

Guidelines for completing Animal Ethics Reporting 
The RECS unit will be checking all submitted monitoring forms. You may be required to resubmit your monitoring form if questions are not adequately addressed. In this case, you will be notified by email and the submitted form will be reverted to a draft format for you to edit.
If you have received a notice to resubmit a monitoring form, please log back into the form using the instructions above and amend the form before resubmitting.


Unexpected or Adverse Event
Animal transfer request

Submit a completed Animal Transfer Request Form to via email and include the relevant facility manager.

Animal tissue sharing

Contact the to be added to the tissue sharing mailing list.

Complaints and protocol deviations

Any animal research conducted without the appropriate approval from the UNSW Animal Care & Ethics Committees (ACECs), or not conducted in accordance with the approved protocol, must be reported to the Director of Research Ethics & Compliance Support (RECS), Dr Ted Rohr, ( using the UNSW Protocol Deviation Template.

Complaints about the conduct of research involving animals by UNSW staff and students or grievances about the ethics review processes should be directed to the Director, RECS ( Where deemed appropriate, matters may be referred to the UNSW Conduct & Integrity Office (


Responsibilities of investigators

The Chief Investigator(s) and Second Chief Investigator(s) are responsible for ensuring that all animal welfare concerns, and any relevant information and documentation, are communicated to all other members of the research group. This includes any recommendations and/or communications from the Animal Care and Ethics Committee (ACEC) and Director of Animal Care/Animal Welfare Officer, to ensure that all research personnel are informed and able to safeguard animal wellbeing.

For further information on the responsibilities of investigators, and the 'person with ultimate responsibility' (i.e. the Chief Investigator as defined by the UNSW Animal Research Ethics Procedures), please see section 2.4 and 4.4 of the NHMRC Australian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes 8th Edition (2013).