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Dr Amir Razmjou Chaharmahali

Faculty: Engineering
Fields of Research (FoR): Nanomaterials, Environmental Nanotechnology, Membrane and Separation Technologies, Nanobiotechnology

“Spending more than a decade on teaching, research and development, Dr Razmjou has accrued multidisciplinary skills to develop innovative technologies for biomedical and environmental applications.
Professor Greg Lawrence Leslie

Faculty: Engineering
Fields of Research (FoR): Wastewater Treatment Processes, Water Treatment Processes, Chemical Engineering Design, Membrane and Separation Technologies
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Professor Greg Leslie School of Chemical Engineering Research interest   My research team work on water and nutrient recycling
Dr Francisco Trujillo

Faculty: Engineering
Fields of Research (FoR): Food Processing, Wastewater Treatment Processes, Membrane and Separation Technologies

Dr Francisco Trujillo is a senior lecturer at the school of Chemical Engineering.
Associate Professor Pierre Le Clech

Faculty: Engineering
Fields of Research (FoR): Membrane and Separation Technologies, Chemical Engineering, Water Treatment Processes, Wastewater Treatment Processes
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Dr Pierre Le-Clech is an Associate Professor in the School of Chemical Engineering and is a member of the