Supervisors and Higher Degree Researchers

UNSW expects all researchers practice responsible research conduct. This aligns with UNSW’s strategic priority A: Academic Excellence.

The Supervisor’s role

Primary Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that HDR candidates understand and meet their obligations under relevant UNSW policies as well as the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research.

Supervisors have a responsibility to their candidates and are expected to provide support and guidance for candidates by:

  • Ensuring new candidates understand that successful completion of the RI module and assessment is a compulsory requirement for confirmation of candidature (see further details below on Online Research Integrity Course)
  • Inviting discussion or clarification in early candidature meetings on RI topics, policies and expectations of all research candidates.
  • Discussing with your candidate whether their research will require ethical and other related approvals and ensure they are in place prior to research commencing.
  • Maintaining an environment that promotes responsible research conduct
  • Discussing “up front” authorship publication strategies and recognition of contributions that are expected to apply to the candidate’s project.
  • Discussing how they plan to collect, store and use the research data and records generated by their research and develop together a Research Data Management Plan (RDMP) to manage their project.
  • Providing any additional faculty or school policy or guidelines pertaining to the conduct of research.
  • Keeping familiar with key policy in order to provide clear guidance to candidates - see related links or click here.  
  • Seeking guidance relating to clarification of policy from key contacts to provide the best possible support to Candidates. 

Online Research Integrity Course 

It is important researchers fully understand what UNSW expects from RI and this course is a must.  Below outlines key information you need to know: