Research involving human participants, observing people, or where information people or their biological samples are used or analysed is considered human research. Ethical approval must be obtained before commencing Human Research conducted by or involving UNSW its staff or students (this includes the commencement of recruitment, data collection, extracting or receiving data, or obtaining access to data or biological materials).

The following activities conducted to answer a research aim, question, collected, used or published for a research purpose requires human ethics approval:

  • Surveys, interviews or focus groups.
  • Psychological, physiological, or medical testing or treatment.
  • Observation of people.
  • Obtaining access to or extracting information about a person from documents, medical records, databases, social media, websites, pathology services, data, or tissue banks.
  • Administration of medical, psychological, or physiological intervention.
  • The collection and use of a person’s biological material (body organs, tissues, fluids or exhaled breath).
Ethical review pathways for Human Research
Clinical Trial Requirements

UNSW sponsors clinical trials within the remits of its Clinical Trials Governance Framework. If you are thinking about running a clinical trial with the appropriate levels of insurance, contractual frameworks, ethics and other Good Clinical Trial (GCP) obligations please visit our dedicated UNSW Clinical Trials Governance website.