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Beattie AH, 2017, ''Lobby for the Nazi Elite'? the protestant churches and civilian internment in the British zone of occupied Germany, 1945-1948', German History, vol. 35, pp. 43 - 70,

Beattie A, 2011, '"Sowjetische KZs auf deutschem Boden": Die sowjetischen Speziallager und der bundesdeutsche Antikommunismus', Jahrbuch für historische Kommunismusforschung, vol. 2011, pp. 119 - 137,

Beattie A, 2010, 'Between Histories and Memories: Torgau's Memorial Museum for Germany’s Short Twentieth Century', Museum and Society, vol. 8, pp. 37 - 55,

Beattie A, 2009, 'An Evolutionary Process: Contributions of the Bundestag’s Inquiries into East Germany to an Understanding of the Role of Truth Commissions', International Journal of Transitional Justice, vol. 3, pp. 229 - 249,

Beattie A, 2008, 'Beyond "Restoration"? Assessing and Accounting for West German Liberalization and Democratization, 1945-1965', European History Quarterly, vol. 38, pp. 101 - 113,

Beattie A, 2007, 'Learning from the Germans? History and Memory in German and European Projects of Integration', PORTAL Journal of Multidisciplinary International Studies, vol. 4,

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