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Working Papers

Asher A, 2021, Supply Side Resistance to Lifetime Annuities, SSRN,,

Asher A, 2014, Developing a Harvesting Plan: Optimising Retirement Spending in the Face of Economic, Social and Personal Risk, http://dx.doi.org

Asher A, 2013, Developing Actuarial Judgement,,

Asher A; Earle JK; Gerrans P; Asher A, 2013, Investigating the Influence of Cognitive Decline on the Quality of Financial Decision-Making in Older Adults: The Case of Self-Managed Superannuation Funds, SSRN Working papers, http://dx.doi.org

Asher A, 2006, Means Tests: an evaluation of the justice of imposing high rates of clawback on those of modest means, http://dx.doi.org

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