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Book Chapters

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Edited Books

Martellozzo E; Jane EA; Yar M; Martellozzo E; Vincent NA; Brickell C; Shields Dobson A; Hickle K; Cleland J; Harindranath R; Kowalski RM; Giumetti GW; Niezen R, (eds.), 2017, Cybercrime and its Victims, Routledge, Oxford,

Journal articles

Jane EA, 2022, 'Rise Up in Mirth: On Angry Feminist Humor and Why Taking It Personally Is Political', Signs: journal of women in culture and society, 47, pp. 561 - 587,

Jane EA, 2018, 'Gendered Cyberhate as Workplace Harassment and Economic Vandalism', Feminist Media Studies, 18, pp. 575 - 591,

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Jane EA, 2010, 'Flip Skirt Fatales: How Media Fetish Sidelines Cheerleaders', Platform: journal of media and communication, 2, pp. 52 - 70,

Conference Presentations

Jane EA; Alimardani A, 2022, 'AI in education: is it safe to fail?', presented at Justice Innovation Symposium, University of Newcastle, 09 December 2022

Jane EA, 2022, 'Engaging online pedagogy', presented at N/A, School of the Arts and Media, UNSW Sydney, 10 October 2022

Jane EA, 2022, 'Harmful thoughts', presented at Festival of Dangerous Ideas, Carriageworks, Sydney, 17 September 2022

Jane EA; Alimardani A, 2022, 'How evil is my new e-artefact? Value-sensitive design using AI and ML', presented at Creative AI Conference, Arts, Design and Architecture, UNSW Sydney, 19 June 2022

Jane EA, 2022, 'A focus on Secondary Prevention in partnership with victim-survivors: the problem and its context', presented at National Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Symposium, Online, 09 June 2022

Jane EA, 2022, 'The future of work', presented at Vivid Festival, UTS, Sydney, 07 June 2022

Jane EA, 2022, 'The future of sex and gender: the end of feminism?', presented at 72nd Annual International Communication Association Conference, Paris, 28 May 2022

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