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Journal articles

Robertson E, 2020, 'A sense of coherence: Drawing for the mind', Drawing: Research, Theory, Practice, vol. 5, pp. 333 - 350,

Robertson E, 2018, 'Transitions: Biophilia, Beauty and Herbaria', Unlikely Journal for Creative Arts,

Robertson EA, 2014, 'A Place Where Things Meet: Creative and Conceptual Blending', The Blue Notebook: a new journal for artists' books, vol. 9, pp. 18 - 23,

Robertson EA, 2012, 'Creative Animal: COFA Grads at Animal Logic', Incubate, pp. 44 - 47

Robertson EA, 2012, 'Stories from the Shadowline: Star Wars Illustrator Iain McCaig', Incubate, pp. 4 - 11

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