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Blacklock F, 2022, 'Eucalyptus Dreaming in the Age of Solastalgia', presented at Phytogenesis II Symposium, University of Plymouth, 23 March 2022,

Blacklock F, 2021, 'Privileging Aboriginal Methodologies in Artistic Research', presented at Intra-Activity: the Posthuman Fabulation and Matter Symposium, Online, 14 September 2021 - 19 September 2021,

Blacklock F, 2019, 'Keeping Culture Aboriginal Elders Oral History Narratives', presented at World History Association and Urban History Project joint conference, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 27 June 2019 - 29 June 2019

Blacklock F, 2011, 'Indigenous Methodology: A New Research Agenda through Self Determination', presented at The Sixth SELF Biennial International Conference, The Centrality of SELF Theory and Research for Enabling Human Potential., Laval University, Quebec City, Canada, 19 June 2011 - 22 June 2011

Blacklock F, 2007, 'Yarnin Up with Uncle Eric Glover: A Biripi Elders Experience.', presented at College of Arts conference, University of Western Sydney, 05 September 2007 - 05 September 2007

Blacklock F, 2006, 'Reconceptualising Indigenous Historians’ Contributions to Australian history', presented at SELF Research International Conference, University of Michigan, USA July 2006., 09 July 2006 - 12 July 2006

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