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Magson NR; Craven RG; Ryan RM; Dillon A; Mooney J; Blacklock F; Yeung AS; Kadir MS; Franklin A, 2022, 'A Cross-Cultural Investigation of Basic Psychological Need Satisfaction at Work in an Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australian Sample Across Occupation Types', Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, vol. 53, pp. 213 - 238,

Marshall UB; Daley L; Blacklock F; Wright S, 2022, 'Re-membering Weather Relations: Urban Environments in and as Country', Urban Policy and Research, vol. 40, pp. 223 - 235,

Magson NR; Craven RG; Ryan RM; Blacklock F; Franklin A; Mooney J; Yeung AS; Dillon A, 2022, 'The associations between basic psychological need satisfaction at work and the wellbeing of Indigenous and non-Indigenous employees', Transcultural Psychiatry,

Mooney J; Blacklock F; Riley L, 2018, 'Yarning up: stories of challenges and success', Australian Journal of Education, vol. 62, pp. 266 - 275,

Craven RG; Ryan RM; Mooney J; Vallerand RJ; Dillon A; Blacklock F; Magson N, 2016, 'Toward a positive psychology of indigenous thriving and reciprocal research partnership model', Contemporary Educational Psychology, vol. 47, pp. 32 - 43,

Blacklock F, 2010, 'The diversity of Indigenous oral history', Oral History Association of Australia Journal, vol. 32, pp. 20 - 23

Blacklock F, 2003, 'Telling it our way: Koori history in New South Wales', Australian Cultural History, pp. 55 - 60

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