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Besch TM; Lee J-S, 2022, 'Toleration, Reasonableness, and Power', in Sardoč M (ed.), The Palgrave Handbook of Toleration, Springer International Publishing, pp. 397 - 417,

Fernandez E; Lee J-S; McNamara P, 2021, 'Lived experience of Australian Indigenous care leavers: Narratives of trauma, resilience, and survival', in Protecting Children Theoretical and Practical Aspects, Canadian Scholars’ Press, Toronto, pp. 146 - 168,

Lee J-S; Fernandez E, 2019, 'Critical multicultural practice with ethnic minority children and their families', in Nipperess S; Williams C (ed.), Critical Multicultural Practice in Social Work: New perspectives and practices, Allen & Unwin, Australia, pp. 240 - 256,

Fernandez E; Lee JS, 2017, 'Experiences and Outcomes of Adults Who Endured Maltreatment as Children in Care in Australia in the Twentieth Century', in Rus A; Parris S; Stativa E (ed.), Child Maltreatment in Residential Care : History, Research, and Current Practice, Springer, pp. 419 - 460,

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