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Moline K, 2018, 'Critical Operationality: Energy and Co-Designing Communities (ECDC) by the Interaction Research Studio (IRS), Goldsmiths, London (2010–14)', in Coombs G; Sade G; McNamara A (ed.), Undesign : Critical Practices at the Intersection of Art and Design, Routledge

Akama Y; Ardevol E; Lanzeni D; Light A; Moline K; Pink S; Sumartojo S, 2018, 'Strategies for Disruption', in Akama Y; Pink S; Sumartojo S (ed.), Uncertainty & Possibility: New Approaches to Future Making in Design Anthropology, Bloomsbury Academic, London, pp. 59 - 80

Akama Y; Moline K; Pink S, 2017, 'Disruptive interventions with mobile media through Design+Ethnography+Futures', in Hjorth L; Horst H; Bell G; Galloway A (ed.), Routledge Companion to Digital Ethnography, Routledge, London, pp. 458 - 469,

Moline K, 2017, 'Before, during and after a PhD: Curating as a generative and collaborative process of infrastructuring', in Vaughan L (ed.), Practice Based Design Research, Bloomsbury, London, pp. 141 - 154,

Moline K, 2017, 'Marti Guixé’s Food Designing: a critique of consumerism?', in Vodeb O (ed.), Food Democracy: Critical Lessons in Food, Communication, Design and Art, Intellect Books, Bristol, pp. 196 - 221,

Moline K, 2012, 'Legacy of Historical Design Collectives in Contemporary Experimental Design: a Case Study of Global Tools and Digestion', in Edquist H; Vaughan L (ed.), The Design Collective: An Approach to Practice, edn. 1st, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne, pp. 121 - 140

Moline K, 2007, 'Design art and new craft: whose zooming who?', in visual:design:scholarship, edn. Original, Australian Graphic Design Association, Sydney, pp. 4 - 9

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