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Recorded / Rendered Creative Works

Adhitya S; Davis B; Frankjaer R; Flanagan P; Mahony Z, 2017, BIOdress (video projection), Climatic: Post-Normal Design, Hunt Gallery, Webster University, St. Louis, Missouri, USA, Editor(s): Moline K; Ansari A; Butoliya D, digital projection, Published: 24 March 2017, Recorded / Rendered Creative Works,

Moline K; Funnell A, 2015, Myths of the Near Future: Future Tense, ABC Radio National, Brisbane, Editor(s): Funnell A, radio interview, Published: 01 November 2015, Duration: 00:06:42, Recorded / Rendered Creative Works,

Moline K, 2015, Myths of the Near Future 2: Equipment, Experimental Thinking/Design Practices, Griffith University Art Gallery, Brisbane, Editor(s): Moline K; Hall P; Davis B, participatory art, sculpture, performance, Published: 18 September 2015, Recorded / Rendered Creative Works,

Kuchelmeister V; Fisher L; Bennett J, 2014, Veloscape, Feral Experimental, Galleries UNSW, Sydney, Editor(s): Moline K, Published: 18 July 2014, Recorded / Rendered Creative Works,

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