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Creative Written Works

Moline K, 2022, Changing the Rules of the Game: Making Menopause Cool Through Data, Codesign, Cultural Probes, and Ethnographic Surrealism Research Workshops, SAGE Research Methods: Doing Research Online, SAGE Research Methods,

Moline K; Goddard A; Davis B, 2021, How we imagine data and data reimagines us, The Data Imaginary: Fears and Fantasies, Moline K, (ed.), Griffith University Art Museum

Moline K, 2018, Three years of living with an Energy Babble, Energy Babble, Boucher A; Gaver W; Kerridge T; Michael M; Ovalle L; Wilkie A; Plummer-Fernandez M, (eds.), Mattering Press,

Moline K, 2017, Imagining the city: home, ruin, landscape, and playground, #KissingSydney, Historic Houses Association, National Trust Centre

Moline K; Ansari A; Butoliya D, 2016, Climactic: Post Normal Design, Climactic: Post Normal Design, Moline K; Ansari A; Butoliya D, (eds.), Miller Gallery, Carnegie Mellon University

Moline K, 2015, Bringing Experimental Design Thinking and Practice Together, Experimental Thinking / Experimental Practices, Moline K; Hall P, (ed.), Griffith University Art Gallery,

Moline K, 2015, Experimental Practice: Provocations, Experimental Practice: Provocations In and Out of Design, Moline K; Haylock B; Vaughan L, (eds.), RMIT Design Hub,

Moline K, 2014, Dingo Logic: Feral Experimental and New Design Thinking, Feral Experimental: New Design Thinking, UNSW Galleries, UNSW Australia Art & Design

Moline K, 2009, Tensions Between Sustainability and Design: Third Time Lucky?, Sustain Me: Contemporary Design, Bamford R; Williamson L, (ed.), Ivan Dougherty Gallery

Moline K, 2007, Integration: The Nature of Objects, Integration: The Nature of Objects, Williamson L, (ed.), Ivan Dougherty Gallery

Moline K, 2007, Connections: Experimental Design, Connections: Experimental Design, Moline K, (ed.), Ivan Dougherty Gallery

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