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Bennett J; Froggett L; Muller L, 2019, 'Psycho-social aesthetics and the art of lived experience', The Journal of Psychosocial Studies, vol. 12, pp. 185 - 201,

Bennett J; Froggett L; Kenning G; Manley J; Muller L, 2019, 'Memory Loss and Scenic Experience: An Arts Based Investigation', Forum: Qualitative Social Research/Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung, vol. 20,

Froggett L; Muller L; Bennett J, 2019, 'The work of the audience: visual matrix methodology in museums', Cultural Trends, vol. 28, pp. 162 - 176,

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Muller L, 2018, '‘The Museum of Today’: Harald Szeemann’s Science Fiction', The Journal of Curatorial Studies, vol. 7, pp. 76 - 95,

Muller L, 2016, 'Book Review. Talking Contemporary Curating, Terry Smith. New York: Independent Curators International (2015).', Journal of Curatorial Studies, vol. 5, pp. 419 - 422,

Muller L, 2015, 'The Return of the Wonderful: Monanisms and the undisciplined objects of media art', Studies in Material Thinking, vol. 12,

Muller L; Dovey KA, 2011, 'Dangerous learning in edgy contexts: creativity and innovation in the South African arts domain', Internal Journal of Life Long Learning, vol. 30, pp. 613 - 629,

Edmonds E; Bilda Z; Muller L, 2009, 'Artist, evaluator and curator: three viewpoints on interactive art, evaluation and audience experience', Digital Creativity, vol. 20, pp. 141 - 151,

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Muller L; Edmonds E; Connell M, 2006, 'Living laboratories for interactive art', CoDesign, vol. 2, pp. 195 - 207,

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