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Saya S; Chondros P; Abela A; Mihalopolous C; Chatterton ML; Gunn J; Chen TF; Polasek TM; Dettmann E; Brooks R; King M; Spencer L; Alphonse P; Milton S; Ramsay G; Siviour Z; Liew JJM; Ly P; Thoenig M; Seychell R; Rocca FL; Hesson LB; Mejias N; Sivertsen T; Galea MA; Bousman C; Emery J, 2023, The PRESIDE (PhaRmacogEnomicS In DEpression) Trial: a double-blind randomised controlled trial of pharmacogenomic-informed prescribing of antidepressants on depression outcomes in patients with major depressive disorder in primary care., ,

Poulos R; Perera D; Packham D; Shah A; Janitz C; Pimanda J; Hawkins N; Ward R; Hesson L; Wong JWH, 2018, In search of non-coding driver mutations by deep sequencing of regulatory elements in colorectal cancer, ,

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