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Cortis N; Blaxland M; Adamson E, 2022, 'Quality and marketised care: The case of family day care', in Meagher G; Stebbing A; Perche D (ed.), Designing Social Service Markets: Risk, Regulation and Rent-Seeking, ANU Press, Canberra, pp. 39 - 70,

Brennan D; Cortis N, 2020, 'Community Services, Individualism and Markets', in McClelland A; Smyth P; Marston G (ed.), Social Policy in Australia: Understanding for Action (4th Edition), Oxford University Press, Docklands, VIC, pp. 310 - 329

Brennan D; Charlesworth S; Adamson EA; Cortis N, 2017, 'Out of Kilter: Changing Care, Migration and Employment Regimes in Australia', in Gender, Migration, and the Work of Care: A Multi-Scalar Approach to the Pacific Rim, Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 143 - 165,

Meagher G; Cortis N; Healy K, 2009, 'Strategic challenges in child welfare services: A comparative study of Australia, England and Sweden', in Social Policy Review 21: Analysis and Debate in Social Policy, 2009, pp. 215 - 242

Meagher G; Cortis N; Healy K, 2009, 'Strategic challenges in child welfare services: a comparative study of Australia, England, and Sweden', in Rummery K; Greener I; Holden C (ed.), Social Policy Review 21, edn. Social Policy Review, The Policy Press, Bristol, pp. 217 - 246,

Meagher G; Cortis N, 2009, 'The political economy of for-profit paid care: theory and evidence', in King D; Meagher G (ed.), Paid Care in Australia: Politics, Profits, Practices, edn. Original, University of Sydney Press, Sydney, pp. 13 - 42,

Cortis N, 2007, 'Using community services: a case study in the politics of recognition', in Connelly J; Leach M; Walsh L (ed.), Recognition in Politics: Theory Policy and Practice, edn. Original, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Cambridge, pp. 253 - 269

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