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Prescott SW;Spicer PT, 2018, 'Self-directed experimentation and reverse engineering consumer products as a route to learning about complex fluids', in Griffith S;Bliemel M;Carruthers K (ed.), Visual tools for developing cross-disciplinary collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship capacity, edn. Transformative Pedagogies in the Visual Domain, Common Ground Research Networks, Champaign, IL

Spicer P;Gilchrist JF, 2015, 'Microstructure, Rheology, and Processing of Complex Fluids', in Advances in Industrial Mixing: A Companion to the Handbook of Industrial Mixing, Wiley, pp. 87 - 114,

Spicer P;Lynch M;Hoath S;Visscher M, 2005, 'Cubosomes® and Self-Assembled Bicontinuous Cubic Liquid Crystalline Phases', in Delivery System Handbook for Personal Care and Cosmetic Products: Technology, Applications and Formulations, pp. 603 - 620,

Spicer P, 2004, 'Cubosomes: bicontinuous liquid crystalline nanoparticles', in … of nanoscience and nanotechnology. New York: …

Spicer PT;Lynch ML;Hoath SB;Visscher MO, 2003, 'Bicontinuous cubic liquid crystalline phase and cubosome personal care delivery systems', in Personal Care Delivery Systems and Formulations. Noyes Publishing

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