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Altevogt LA; Sheikh RH; Molley TG; Yong J; Liang K; Spicer P; Kilian KA; Wich PR, 2024, Enzyme Bioink for the 3D Printing of Biocatalytic Materials, ,

Hosseini M; Babayekhorasani F; Guo Z; Liang K; Chen V; Spicer PT, 2022, Propulsion, deformation, and confinement response of hollow nanocellulose millimotors, ,

Babayekhorasani F; Hosseini M; Spicer PT, 2022, Molecular and colloidal transport in bacterial cellulose hydrogels, ,

Xie Z; Burke CJ; Mbanga B; Spicer PT; Atherton TJ, 2019, Geometry and kinetics determine the microstructure in arrested coalescence of Pickering emulsion droplets, ,

Hao C; Xie Z; Atherton TJ; Spicer PT, 2018, Arrested coalescence of viscoelastic droplets: Ellipsoid shape effects and restructuring, ,

Dahiya P; DeBenedictis A; Atherton TJ; Caggioni M; Prescott SW; Hartel RW; Spicer PT, 2016, Arrested coalescence of viscoelastic droplets: Triplet shape and restructuring, ,

Burke CJ; Mbanga BL; Wei Z; Spicer PT; Atherton TJ, 2015, The role of curvature anisotropy in the ordering of spheres on an ellipsoid, ,

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