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Niesche R; Heffernan A, 2020, Introduction

Niesche R; Heffernan A, 2020, Theorising Identity and Subjectivity in Educational Leadership Research,

Niesche R; Gowlett C, 2019, Social, Critical and Political Theories for Educational Leadership, Springer, Singapore,

Niesche R; Keddie A, 2015, Leadership, Ethics and Schooling for Social Justice, Routledge, London and New York,

Niesche R, 2013, Deconstructing Educational Leadership: Derrida and Lyotard, Routledge

Eacott S; Niesche R, 2013, Empirical Leadership Research: Letting the Data Speak for Themselves, Eacott S; Niesche R, (ed.), Untested Ideas Research Centre, Niagara Falls

Niesche R, 2011, Foucault and Educational Leadership: Disciplining the Principal, Routledge

Jorgensen R; Sullivan P; Grootenboer P; Niesche R; Lerman S; Boaler J, 2011, Maths in the Kimberley: Reforming Mathematics Education in Remote Indigenous Communities, Griffith Institute for Educational Research, Griffith University

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