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Brauchart JS;Dragnev PD;Saff EB;Womersley RS, 2018, 'Logarithmic and riesz equilibrium for multiple sources on the sphere: The exceptional case', in Contemporary Computational Mathematics - A Celebration of the 80th Birthday of Ian Sloan, pp. 179 - 203,

Hesse K;Sloan IH;Womersley RS, 2015, 'Numerical integration on the sphere', in Handbook of Geomathematics: Second Edition, pp. 2671 - 2710,

Hesse K;Sloan IH;Womersley RS, 2010, 'Numerical Integration on the Sphere', in Freeden W;Nashed MZ;Sonar T (ed.), Handbook of Geomathematics, edn. 1st, Springer, Berlin, pp. 1187 - 1220

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