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Sloan IH; Womersley RS, 2000, 'The search for good polynomial interpolation points on the sphere', in Griffiths DF; Watson GA (eds.), NUMERICAL ANALYSIS 1999, CHAPMAN & HALL/CRC PRESS, UNIV DUNDEE, DUNDEE, SCOTLAND, pp. 211 - 229, presented at 18th Dundee Biennial Conference on Numerical Analysis, UNIV DUNDEE, DUNDEE, SCOTLAND, 29 June - 02 July 1999,

Sloan IH; Womersley RS, 1999, 'The uniform error of hyperinterpolation on the sphere', in Haussmann W; Jetter K; Reimer M (eds.), ADVANCES IN MULTIVARIATE APPROXIMATION, WILEY-V C H VERLAG GMBH, WITTEN BOMMERHOLZ, GERMANY, pp. 289 - 306, presented at 3rd International Conference on Multivariate Approximation Theory, WITTEN BOMMERHOLZ, GERMANY, 27 September - 02 October 1998,

Chen X; Womersley RS, 1996, 'A parallel inexact Newton method for stochastic programs with recourse', in Annals of Operations Research, pp. 113 - 141,

Womersley RS; Lau YK, 1996, 'Portfolio optimisation problems', in Computational Techniques and Applications: Proceedings, Computational Techniques and Applications: CTAC 1995, Singapore, presented at Computational Techniques and Applications: CTAC 1995, Singapore, 11 - 14 July 1995

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