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Reeve R; McCausland R; MacGillivray (Kalkutungu) P; Robinson (Gamilaraay) V, 2024, 'Community-led diversion of Indigenous young people from the justice system: The role of government administrative data', International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice, 76,

Reeve R; Martin C; McCausland R; Pawson H; Baldry E, 2024, 'Evaluating the impact of public housing after prison for a sex offence', Housing Studies, ahead-of-print, pp. 1 - 24,

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McCausland R, 2019, '‘I’m sorry but I can’t take a photo of someone’s capacity being built’: Reflections on evaluation of Indigenous policy and programmes', Evaluation Journal of Australasia, 19, pp. 64 - 78,

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Mccausland R; Vivian A, 2010, 'Why Do Some Aboriginal Communities Have Lower Crime Rates Than Others?: A Pilot Study', Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology, 43, pp. 301 - 332,;dn=338785665030613;res=IELHSS

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