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Earle N; Spencer W; McCausland R; Futeran P; Webster J; Leslie G, 2023, Walgett's Drinking Water: Yuwaya Ngarra-li Briefing Paper,,

Tonkin T; Deane A; Trindall A; Weatherall L; Madden T; Moore B; Earle N; Nathan M; Young S; McCausland R; Leslie G; Bennett-Brook K; Corby C; Webster J; Rosewarne E, 2023, Yuwaya Ngarra-li Community Briefing Report: Key Findings from the Food and Water Security Surveys in Walgett,

Martin C; Hulse K; Ghasri M; Ralston L; Crommelin L; Goodall Z; Parkinson S; O'Brien Webb E; Ghasrikhouzani M; Baldry E; McCausland R, 2022, Regulation of residential tenancies and impacts on investment, AHURI Ltd, Melbourne, 391,,

Flanagan M; Miller-Dawkins M; Spencer W; McCausland R, 2022, Creating better futures with contracts: How to progress genuine community partnerships and to improve access to information and participation in government procurement and grants,,

Martin C; Reeve R; McCausland R; Baldry E; Burton P; White R; Thomas S; Ghasrikhouzani M, 2021, Exiting prison with complex support needs: the role of housing assistance, AHURI Ltd, Melbourne, 361,

Rosewarne E; Hunnisett C; Bennett-Brook K; Coombes J; Corby C; Feeny E; Leslie G; McCausland R; McKenzie B; Webster J; Spencer W, 2021, A community in action: How Walgett is redefining food systems,,

Rosewarne E; Hunnisett C; Bennett-Brook K; Coombes J; Corby C; Leslie G; McCausland R; McKenzie B; Spencer W; Feeny E; Webster J, 2021, Whose paradigm counts? An Australia-Pacific perspective on unheard voices in food and water systems,,

The Healing Foundation ; Australian Institute of Health and Welfare ; McCausland R; Nettheim A; Kang C, 2021, Make Healing Happen, The Healing Foundation, Canberra,,

McCausland R, 2020, Supporting Aboriginal People to Age Well: Community Report

McCausland R, 2019, Yuwaya Ngarra-li Food Forum Report, Dharriwaa Elders Group and UNSW, UNSW,,

McCausland R, 2018, Yuwaya Ngarra-li Walgett Youth Justice Forum Report, Dharriwaa Elders Group and UNSW, UNSW,,

McCausland R; Reeve R; Gooding P; Baldry E, 2017, Cost Benefit Analysis of Support Workers in Legal Services For People with Cognitive Disability,

McCausland R; McSherry B; Baldry E; Arstein-Kerslake A; Gooding P; Arabena K, 2017, Unfitness to Plead and Indefinite Detention of Persons with Cognitive Disabilities:Addressing the Legal Barriers and Creating Appropriate Alternative Supports in the Community,

Reeve R; McCausland R; Dowse L; Trofimovs J, 2017, Economic Evaluation of the Intellectual Disability Rights Service Criminal Justice Support Network, Intellectual Disability Behaviour Support Program, UNSW Sydney,,

McCausland R; Baldry E; McEntyre E, 2017, Indigenous People, Mental Health, Cognitive Disability and the Criminal Justice System, Indigenous Justice Clearinghouse, 22,,

Baldry E; McCausland R; Dowse L; McEntyre E, 2015, A Predictable and Preventable path: Aboriginal People with mental and cognitive disability in the criminal justice system, UNSW, Sydney,,

McCausland R, 2014, Aboriginal Women’s Access to Diversionary Programs in NSW

Baldry E; McCausland R; Cohen A; Johnson S, 2013, People with mental health disorders and cognitive impairment in the criminal justice system Cost-benefit analysis of early support and diversion, AHRC, Sydney,

Baldry E; Dowse LM; Mccausland R; Clarence M, 2012, Lifecourse institutional costs of homelessness for vulnerable groups, FaHCSIA, UNSW,

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