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Kirshner S, 2022, Demand fulfilment: a key to supply chain management sustainability, ,

Kirshner S, 2022, How leaders should weigh up the risks and rewards of AI, ,

Kirshner S, 2021, AI: friend or foe? (and what business leaders need to know), ,

Kirshner S, 2021, AGSM's The Business of Leadership Podcast: The Business of AI,

Kirshner S, 2021, Evening Show, ,

Kirshner S, 2021, Why attractive and trustworthy Airbnb hosts can charge more, ,

Kirshner S, 2020, Decision trees, machine learning and AI for business analytics, ,

Kirshner S, 2020, How business analytics and ethical AI create competitive advantages, ,

Kirshner S, 2017, When is the best time to release a new smartphone, ,

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