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Kirshner S, 2022, Demand fulfilment: a key to supply chain management sustainability,

Kirshner S, 2022, How leaders should weigh up the risks and rewards of AI,

Kirshner S, 2021, AI: friend or foe? (and what business leaders need to know),

Kirshner S, 2021, AGSM's The Business of Leadership Podcast: The Business of AI

Kirshner S, 2021, Evening Show,

Kirshner S, 2021, Why attractive and trustworthy Airbnb hosts can charge more,

Kirshner S, 2020, Decision trees, machine learning and AI for business analytics,

Kirshner S, 2020, How business analytics and ethical AI create competitive advantages,

Kirshner S, 2017, When is the best time to release a new smartphone,

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