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Lapworth A, 2023, 'From Coronavirus Tests to Open-Source Insulin and Beyond, 'Biohackers' are Showing the Power of DIY Science', in The Conversation on Biotechnology, JHU Press, pp. 213 - 218

Lapworth A, 2023, 'Cultural geographies', in Lees L; Demeritt D (ed.), Concise Encyclopedia of Human Geography, Edward Elgar, pp. 84 - 88

Lapworth A, 2019, 'Guattari and the Micropolitics of Cinema: The Desiring-Machines of Satoshi Kon', in Jellis T; Gerlach J; Dewsbury J-D (ed.), Why Guattari? A Liberation of Cartographies, Ecologies and Politics, Routledge, pp. 187 - 201

Lapworth A, 2017, 'For a Transversal Art-Science', in Scientist-in-Residence Program: A New Approach to Art-Science, Gluon, Brussels, pp. 9 - 13

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