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Kiaos A, 2024, 'Critical ethnography: Identifying psychosocial hazards and emerging mental health risks in the workplace', Health Promotion Journal of Australia

Kiaos A, 2023, 'But how do I help men express their emotions? People's perceptions of men living with grief', Journal of Clinical Psychology

Kiaos A, 2023, 'Who pulls the acting strings?: Strong organisational cultures and changes in dramaturgy on the frontstage', Pending

Kiaos A, 2023, 'Organisational culture, cultural control and the self: Directions for organisational ethnographers', Organizational Cultures: An International Journal Organization Studies Research Network

Kiaos A, 2023, 'Building a case for ethnographic inquiry: Limitations of cultural essentialism and the treatment of mental illness for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples', Transcultural Psychiatry

Kiaos A, 2023, 'Stop being a wuss: People’s perceptions of men experiencing grief in Australia', Health Promotion Journal of Australia,

Kiaos A, 2023, 'Examining organisational subcultures: Machinery of Government mergers and emerging organisational microcultures', Australian Journal of Public Administration, pp. 1 - 21,

Kiaos A, 2023, 'An interpretative framework for analysing managerial ideology, normative control, organizational culture and the self', Cogent Business & Management, 10, pp. 1 - 17,

Werder O; Holland K; Kiaos T; Ferson MJ, 2022, 'Between the sea and the sky: A social practice investigation into health behaviours during cruise travel', Health Promotion Journal of Australia, 33, pp. 367 - 378,

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