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Bunde-Birouste AW; Byrne F; Kemp L, 2019, 'Autoethnography', in Liamputtong L (ed.), Handbook of Research Methods in Health Social Sciences, Springer,

Bunde-Birouste AW; Zwi A, 2008, 'The Peacebuilding Filter', in Arya N; Barbara JS (ed.), Peace through Health: How health professionals can work for a less violent world, edn. 1, Kumarian Press, Inc, Sterling, USA, pp. 140 - 147

Bunde-Birouste AW; Ritchie JE, 2007, 'Strengthening Peace-Building Through Health Promotion', in McQueen D; Jones C (ed.), Global Health Promotion, edn. 1, Sage Publications Ltd, United Kingdom, pp. 247 - 258

Journal articles

Milson P; Nathan S; Bunde-Birouste AW, 2019, 'Adopting healthier cooking oils: Findings from a qualitative study among independent food outlets in a rural district in Australia', Health Promotion Journal of Australia, vol. 30, pp. 119 - 123,

Geumpana TA; Ashraf M; Hasan R; Morshed MM; Hossain MU; Bunde-Birouste A, 2018, 'Social business for responding to natural disasters: a post-tsunami case study in Indonesian region', The International Technology Management Review, vol. 7, pp. 71 - 71,

Nathan SA; Kemp LA; Bunde-Birouste AW; Mackenzie J; Evers CW; Shwe T, 2013, 'We wouldn't of made friends if we didn't come to football united": the impacts of a football program on young people's peer, prosocial and cross-cultural relationships.', BMC Public Health, vol. 13, pp. 1 - 16,

Zwi A; Blignault I; Bunde-Birouste AW; Ritchie JE; Silove DM, 2011, 'Decision-makers, donors and data: factors influencing the development of mental health and psychosocial policy in the Solomon Islands.', Health Policy and Planning, vol. 26, pp. 338 - 348,

Bunde-Birouste AW; Bull N; McCarroll B, 2010, 'Moving beyond the Lump-Sum: Football United and JP Morgan as a case study of partnership for positive social change', Cosmopolitan Civil Societies: An Interdisciplinary Journal, vol. 2, pp. 92 - 114,

Nathan SA; Bunde-Birouste AW; Evers C; Kemp LA; Mackenzie J; Henley R, 2010, 'Social cohesion through football: A quasi-experimental mixed methods design to evaluate a complex health promotion program', BMC Public Health, vol. 10, pp. 1 - 12,

Blignault I; Bunde-Birouste AW; Ritchie JE; Silove DM; Zwi A, 2009, 'Community perceptions of mental health needs: a qualitive study in the Soloman Islands', International Journal of Mental Health Systems, vol. 3, pp. 1 - 14,

Ritchie JE; Zwi A; Blignault I; Bunde-Birouste AW; Silove DM, 2009, 'Insider-Outsider positions in a health-development research: reflections for practice', Development in Practice, vol. 19, pp. 106 - 112,

Fitzgerald E; Bunde-Birouste AW; Webster E, 2009, 'Through the eyes of children: Engaging primary school-aged children in creating supportive school environments for physical activity and nutrition', Health Promotion Journal of Australia, vol. 20, pp. 127 - 132

Hechman R; Bunde-Birouste AW, 2007, 'Drug donations in emergencies, the Sri Lankan post-tsunami experience, Journal of Humanitarian Assistance', The Journal of Humanitarian Assistance,

Bunde-Birouste AW; Ritchie JE, 2007, 'Strengthening peace-building through health promotion development of a framework', Global Perspectives on Health Promotion Effectiveness, pp. 247 - 258,

Bunde-Birouste AW, 2006, 'Challenges in humanitarian emergencies and development cooperation', International Journal Health Promotion and Education, vol. 13, pp. 210 - 210

Bunde-Birouste AW, 2006, 'Les difficultés dans l'urgence humanitaire et la coopération au développement: Un commentaire de l'article de Kolitha Wickramage', Global Health Promotion, vol. 13, pp. 10,

Bunde-Birouste AW, 2006, 'Retos en las emergencias humanitarias y en la cooperación al desarrollo: Comentario al artículo de Kholita Wickramage', Global Health Promotion, vol. 13, pp. 15,

Bunde-Birouste AW, 2006, 'Challenges in humanitarian emergencies and development cooperation. Commentary on Kholita Wickramage's paper.', Promotion & education, vol. 13

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Bunde-Birouste AW, 1998, 'Health promotion: from the generic to specifics.', Promotion & education, vol. 5

Williams J; Dhillon HS; Bunde-Birouste A; Bertinato L; Jha S; Sathrun P; Robertson A, 1993, 'Preparing school personnel to address HIV infection.', Hygie, vol. 12, pp. 26 - 28

Jones J; Bunde-Birouste A, 1993, 'Strengthening the role of schools in preventing HIV infection, STD, and other important health problems.', Hygie, vol. 12, pp. 22 - 23

Conference Papers

Bunde-Birouste A, 2019, 'Creating Chances for Youth through the Power of Sport', Rotorua, Aotearoa New Zealand,, presented at 23rd IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion, April 2019., Rotorua, Aotearoa New Zealand,, 08 April 2019 - 11 April 2019

Bunde-Birouste AW, 2006, 'Challenges in Humanitarian Emergencies and Development Cooperation', in IUHPE - Promotion and Education, IUHPE - Promotion and Education, Alice Springs, NT, presented at IUHPE - Promotion and Education, Alice Springs, NT, 26 April 2006


Elkington M; Bunde-Birouste A, 2018, Exploration of Sustainable Funding Mechanisms, Streetfootballworld, Berlin, Germany

Shwe, TA; Bunde-Birouste A, 2018, FOOTBALL UNITED MYANMAR, FOOTBALL FOR PEACE 2017-18 PROJECT EVALUATION REPORT Football United Myanmar, UNSW, Sydney, ISBN-13 - 978-0-7334-3840-0

Bunde-Birouste AW; Whitley G; Grawitch C; Shwe T, 2017, FIBA Hoops for Health Monitoring and Evaluation Review, FIBA Oceania, Gold Coast Queensland, Australia

Nathan SA; Bunde-Birouste A; Croft T, 2016, Evaluation of REACCH: Capacity building in Aboriginal research, School of Public Health and Community Medicine, UNSW Australia, Sydney, 978-0-7334-3665-9

Bunde-Birouste AW; Nathan SA; McCarroll B; Kemp LA; Shwe T; Ortega M, 2012, Playing for Change: Improving People's Lives through Football, School of Public Health and Community Medicine, UNSW, Sydney, Playing for Change: Improving People's Lives through Football,

Theses / Dissertations

Bunde-Birouste AW, 2013, Kicking goals for social change: An autoethnographic study exploring the feasibility of developing a program that harnesses the passion for the World Game to help refugee youth settle into their new country, UNSW, UNSW,

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