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Bunde-Birouste A; Byrne F; Kemp L, 2019, 'Autoethnography', in Handbook of Research Methods in Health Social Sciences, pp. 509 - 526,

Bunde-Birouste AW; Zwi A, 2008, 'The Peacebuilding Filter', in Arya N; Barbara JS (ed.), Peace through Health: How health professionals can work for a less violent world, edn. 1, Kumarian Press, Inc, Sterling, USA, pp. 140 - 147

Bunde-Birouste AW; Ritchie JE, 2007, 'Strengthening Peace-Building Through Health Promotion', in McQueen D; Jones C (ed.), Global Health Promotion, edn. 1, Sage Publications Ltd, United Kingdom, pp. 247 - 258

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