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Shwe TA; Bunde-Birouste A, 2018, FOOTBALL UNITED MYANMAR, FOOTBALL FOR PEACE 2017-18 PROJECT EVALUATION REPORT Football United Myanmar, UNSW, Sydney, ISBN-13 - 978-0-7334-3840-0,,

Elkington M; Bunde-Birouste A, 2018, Exploration of Sustainable Funding Mechanisms, Streetfootballworld, Berlin, Germany

Bunde-Birouste AW; Whitley G; Grawitch C; Shwe T, 2017, FIBA Hoops for Health Monitoring and Evaluation Review, FIBA Oceania, Gold Coast Queensland, Australia

Nathan SA; Bunde-Birouste A; Croft T, 2016, Evaluation of REACCH: Capacity building in Aboriginal research, UNSW Australia, School of Public Health and Community Medicine, UNSW Australia, Sydney, 978-0-7334-3665-9,

Bunde-Birouste AW; Nathan SA; McCarroll B; Kemp LA; Shwe T; Ortega M, 2012, Playing for Change: Improving People's Lives through Football, UNSW Sydney, School of Public Health and Community Medicine, UNSW, Sydney,,

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