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Mashhady A; Khalili H; Sameti A, 2022, 'Does change agent selection procedure matter? A strategic decision-making toward a more objective selection approach', Leadership and Organization Development Journal, 43, pp. 1157 - 1185,

Sameti A; Koslow S; Mashhady A, 2022, 'Are product design researchers and practitioners on the same page? The way professional product designers view creative design', Journal of Product and Brand Management, 31, pp. 951 - 970,

Sameti A, 2022, 'The missing link in the evolution of product design: a strategy roadmap towards product development success', Journal of Product and Brand Management, 31, pp. 899 - 937,

Koslow S; Sameti A; van Noort G; Smit EG; Sasser SL, 2022, 'When Bad Is Good: Do Good Relationships between Marketing Clients and Their Advertising Agencies Challenge Creativity?', Journal of Advertising, 51, pp. 385 - 405,

Mashhady A; Khalili H; Sameti A, 2021, 'Development and application of a service design-based process for improvement of human resource management service quality', Business Process Management Journal, 27, pp. 459 - 485,

Khalili H; Sameti A, 2017, 'Healthcare quality and medicine reimbursement criteria in Iran', International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing, 11, pp. 455 - 470,

Sameti A; Khalili H, 2017, 'Influence of in-store and out-of-store creative advertising strategies on consumer attitude and purchase intention', Intangible Capital, 13, pp. 523 - 547,

Khalili H; Sameti A; Sheybani H, 2016, 'A Study on the Effect of Empowerment on Customer Orientation of Employees', Global Business Review, 17, pp. 38 - 50,

Sameti A; Khalili H; Sheybani H, 2016, 'Analysing motivational factors influencing selection of commercial websites by consumer in the e-commerce (B2C)', International Journal of Electronic Marketing and Retailing, 7, pp. 39 - 65,

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