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Cohen J; Alexander S; Signorelli C; Williams K; Sim KA; Chennariyil L; Baur LA, Clinician perspectives on models of care for pediatric weight management services in Australia: A mixed-methods study,

Schaffer M; McLoone J; Wakefield C; Brierley M-E; Girgis A; McCarthy M; Thornton-Benko E; Chan R; Johnston K; Cohn R; Signorelli C, eHealth tools for childhood cancer survivorship care: A qualitative analysis of survivors’, parents’, and general practitioners’ views.,

Signorelli C, Redefining Models of Childhood Cancer Survivorship Care: A Mixed-Methods Evaluation of Patient-Reported Barriers to, and Preferences for, Care,

Anazodo A; Choi S; Signorelli C; Ellis S; Johnston K; Wakefield C; Deans R; Neville K; Cohn RJ, Reproductive Care of Childhood and Adolescent Cancer Survivors: A Twelve-Year Evaluation,

Wakefield C; Doolan EL; Fardell JE; Signorelli C; Veronica QF; Tucker KM; Patenaude AF; Marshall GM; Lock RB; Georgiou G; Cohn RJ, The Avatar Acceptability Study: Survivor, Parent and Community Willingness to Use Patient-Derived Xenografts to Personalize Cancer Care,

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