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Higgins C, 2023, 'Departure by Diplomacy: a History of Refugee Resettlement Offers between Australia and the United States', in When Migrants Fail to Stay: New Histories on Departures and Migration, Bloomsbury Publishing, pp. 201 - 220,

Higgins C, 2019, 'In-Country Programs', in Juss SS (ed.), Research Handbook on International Refugee Law, Edward Elgar Publishing,

Higgins C, 2019, 'In-country programs: the procedure and politics of an additional pathway to protection', in Juss SS (ed.), RESEARCH HANDBOOK ON INTERNATIONAL REFUGEE LAW, EDWARD ELGAR PUBLISHING LTD, pp. 44 - 56,

Higgins CM, 2016, 'The (un-)sustainability of Australia’s offshore processing and settlement policy', in Moreno-Lax V; Papastavridis E (ed.), Boat Refugees and Migrants at Sea: A Comprehensive Approach Integrating Maritime Security with Human Rights, Brill,

Higgins C, 2007, 'The relationship between textile and clothing workers and their trade unions', in The Time of Their Lives: the eight hour day and working life, Australian Society for the Study of Labour History, Melbourne, pp. 123 - 135

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