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Tani Bertuol M; Wang B; Baker S; Higgins C; Cousins S; Cheng Z; Jack VA, 2023, 'Refugees as skilled migrants: insights from Australia’s 2018 employer-sponsored refugee migration pilot', Social Indicators Research: an international and interdisciplinary journal for quality-of-life measurement, 170, pp. 323 - 338,

Higgins C, 2022, 'Australia's Refugee Resettlement Agreement with the United States: The Diplomacy and Uncertainty of a “Very Big Deal”', Australian Journal of Politics and History, 68, pp. 197 - 217,

Tani Bertuol M; Baker S; Higgins C; Cousins S, 2022, 'Refugees are a valuable but overlooked economic resource, and it is time to update our approach to migration', The Australian Economic Review, 55, pp. 273 - 280,

Higgins C, 2018, 'Revisiting Reception', History Australia, 15, pp. 834 - 835,

Betts J; Higgins C, 2017, 'The Sri Lankan Civil War and Australia's Migration Policy Response: A Historical Case Study with Contemporary Implications', Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies, 4, pp. 272 - 285,

Higgins C, 2016, 'New Evidence on refugee status determination in Australia, 1978-1983', Refugee Survey Quarterly, 35, pp. 71 - 93,

Higgins CM, 2016, 'Status determination of Indochinese boat arrivals: a balancing act in Australia', Journal of Refugee Studies, pp. 89 - 105,

Higgins C, 2014, 'Australia's little known in-country programme in latin America', Refugee Survey Quarterly, 33, pp. 8 - 24,

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