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Southerton C; Taylor E, 2021, 'Dataveillance and the Dividuated Self: The Everyday Digital Surveillance of Young People', in Arrigo B; Sellars B (ed.), The Pre-Crime Society Crime, Culture and Control in the Ultramodern Age, Policy Press

Southerton C, 2020, 'Datafication', in Schintler L; McNeely C (ed.), Encyclopedia of Big Data, Springer, Cham,

Southerton C; McCann H, 2019, 'Queerbaiting and Real Person Slash: The Case of Larry Stylinson', in Brennan J (ed.), Queerbaiting and Fandom Teasing Fans through Homoerotic Possibilities, University of Iowa Press, pp. 161 - 163

Southerton C; Damkaer M; Albrechtslund A, 2019, 'Photo Sharing as Participatory Surveillance', in Cultures of Participation Arts, Digital Media and Cultural Institutions, Routledge

Southerton C; Bruce M, 2019, 'Beyond Human (Un)Belonging: Intimacies and the impersonal in Black Mirror', in Tsalapatanis A; Bruce M; Bissell D; Keane H (ed.), Social Beings, Future Belongings: Reimagining the Social, Routledge, London, pp. 107 - 121

Southerton C, 2014, 'Zombies, Run! Rethinking Immersion in Light of Nontraditional Gaming Contexts', in Polson D; Cook AM; Velikovsky JT (ed.), Transmedia Practice: A Collective Approach, pp. 132 - 141,

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